Chupa Chups

17 Jul 19
D-Luv SL

Flickr Post, We were hyper Saturday Night off of all the sugar we ate. I threw Matt over my shoulder for this pic, he’s a good sport *giggles*. We like to have fun. We’re both wearing things from Cubura and other fabulous designers. This backdrop from The Bearded Guy is taking us back to the […]

16 Jul 19
Getting the Hang of Thursdays

July 6 We got up later than expected, and even let the baby sleep longer in order to get everything packed. We didn’t buy that much stuff so it wasn’t a difficult process (and besides, Rasa is a wiz when it comes to packing). Finally, we had to wake up Monki and headed out to […]

15 Jul 19
top budget smartphones 2016 india

Sony xperia ps4 controller mount – How do I set up an Xperia device and a PS4 for Remote Play? PS4 Controller Phone Mount Unboxing, time: 4:41 Transmitter huawei whatsapp sony xperia ps4 controller mount online shopping 17:18 – You can use the separately available Game Control Mount GCM10 to attach your Xperia phone or […]