16 Sep 18

I receive Inara‘s invitation to visit the exhibition of LuAnne Anatine @Holly Kai Gallery and, last night, on the occasion of the opening, I visit it with Van. LEGGI IN ITALIANO I admit that I had not yet had the opportunity to know the style and technique of LuAnne (a lack of me). Entering one […]

15 Sep 18
Holly Kai Park

Opening at Holly Kai Gallery at 3:00pm SLT on Saturday, September 15th 2018, is our newest exhibition – and the first to be held in the gallery’s new halls. The Art of Lu: Fantasy and Nature features the stunning artwork of Lu Anne Anatine, who brings her magnificent art into Second Life for our enjoyment […]

29 Aug 18

Behind the scenes of a sound design – Timless Short Film. This explains the processes and methods that went during the conception of a short film.

20 Aug 18
the happy chair company blog

Hello there vintage lovers! *Imagine loud klaxons and flashing lights and alarms and stuff*  Only 10 days left of our Summer Sale! 🙂 Like Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, come the 30th August all these offers will poof back to their original prices, so don’t dilly dally!  We’ve got some free deliveries PLUS some discounts on the […]

16 Aug 18
THIIS - The Homecare Industry Information Service

From 16th August onwards, Celebrity Motion Furniture has confirmed that the Cintique furniture brand will transfer to Celebrity’s site at Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire. The move comes following previous proposals that the JDP Group was looking to transfer the Cintique brand to Celebrity Motion Furniture to offer increased levels of customer service and sales support. Celebrity says […]

06 Aug 18
the happy chair company blog

Hello there vintage lovers! This week, it’s all about the summer sale 🙂 From 2nd to the 30th August, we’ve got a whole bunch of lovely offers for you – some free deliveries, some discounts on the actual price, so here’s a quick run-down: First there’s the 10% off gang – Queen Anne Parker Knoll […]

21 May 18
Ben Loynd's animation

  Our first lesson back was animation context and it served as a kind of debriefing of what the second semester is going to consist of. it was a bit daunting the amount of work we’ve got to do but we’ve got plenty of time to do it. I’ve been struggling a little bit planning […]

09 May 18
Well Eye Never

On the 25th and 26th of April I went to the Naidex show for the first time, which was held in the Birmingham NEC. It’s Europe’s biggest event dedicated to disability and independent living, and is full of companies showcasing the latest technology, products and services they have to offer, along with seminars and panel […]

22 Apr 18

Site Title

These are some of the completed key frames for my traditional animation. This is the result from the previous GIF uploaded. The pacing of the GIF when played is quite fast as the frames are shown for 0.01 of a second. While the lines and fox move, this has been a satisfying result for using […]

11 Apr 18


yuziz0720: -Commissions open- Hi! I opened commission for wacom cintique. But since it isn’t emergency, the commission will be long and steady! Commissioning me is always ok when slot is empty. (If I am too busy to work, I’ll write that I’m disable to work.) Paypal only, payment first Works can be posted with gray […]

05 Apr 18
TenNapel's Weblog

“I have been making these free facebook posts that contain the basics on the kinds of work I do in my studio.”

19 Mar 18
the happy chair company blog

Ok, you know I like to keep it real with you guys.   Here is some realness. Yesterday’s market was the coldest.  Just the coldest thing.  There were bobble hats everywhere you looked.  So, a massive thank you to the shoppers who braved the chill and came to hunt out some vintage treasures.  And thanks to […]

14 Mar 18
My Inexplicably Long Site Title

So I made a Patreon The reason I did that is I’m currently working towards raising the money to purchase some tools to help me make higher quality art (a Cintique, Photoshop, art classes, you get the picture), because at some point I’m going to start doing digital/graphic design art as a part-time job -plus […]

12 Mar 18
the happy chair company blog

Hello vintage lovers! 6 days to go until we hit the brand new Vintage Furniture Flea in Vauxhall!  The Workshop on Lambeth High Street will be filled to the brim with fantastic vintage and mid century furniture and homewares, including this little lot: Phew!  What a selection!  And that’s only from us 😉  This is […]

27 Feb 18
Anthony Bright Design

So…. One of my current study activities is to answer the following questions, which are related to the module of study – digital skills. Which digital skills do you have and how would you rate your confidence (score out of 100) WordPress 10% – I can post but it looks bad Photoshop 80% – been […]