11 Apr 19

Source | Apr 11, 2019 at 2:40 PM 【梶】サイエンスが未来を切り開くとき! 【Kaji】The future is now, thanks to science! シトロニックギア、オン!! Citronic Gear, on!!  #Charmander #Squirtle #Bulbasaur #Mewtwo  

03 Apr 19
CV Dana

Persönliche AngabenNationalität: tschechischHandy: +49 0 017667455233, +42 0 723135968E-mail: AusbildungAbitur – Gymnasium Prag2009 – Abschluss Universität der Volkswirtschaf in Prag/Fakultät für Informatkund Statstk Spezialisierung rirtschafsinformatkUniversität der Volkswirtschaf in Prag/Fakultät FinanzSpezialisierung Rechnungswesen -SteuernPraktsche Erfahrungenim Deutschland2017 Gartenhotel Hunsrücker Fass: Zimmermädchen2016 Künstlerin beim Künstlersozialkasse Deutschland abgemäldet2015 Fliegl räscherei Leipzig: räschereiarbeiter2014 Hotel Friesenhus, ritmund: Frühstücks-Bufet – Saisonarbeit – […]

22 Jan 19

Welcome to KhanVapes, here’s how I got started on this journey of vaping. It was 2015. I was regularly smoking shisha with friends at the time. Two, three bowls a night. We’d light up a shisha, carefully blended by hand and lit with coconut husk coals that would glow red. The thing produced so much […]

04 Dec 18
Foulds Guitars
10 Nov 18


Product name

Product properties

Music Power(Watt) RMS
100 W
10 “
Frequency Response Min (Hz)
40 Hz
Frequency Response Max (Hz)
150 Hz
44.5 cm
40 cm
40 cm
14.5 kg

Citronic ST10S Speakers Compare Prices

18 Oct 18
Chelsey's Blog

Dynamic Microphones What are they? “In the case of a dynamic microphone, a very thin diaphragm of mylar or other material is attached to a coil of hair-thin copper wire. The coil is suspended in a magnetic field and, when sound vibrates the diaphragm, the coil moves up and down, creating a very small electrical […]

03 Aug 18
Beer & Records

Curious little history to this one for me, but to kick off, this – this time round – is Andy’s fault. Many years ago, I used to be live in bar staff and run a quiz night, taking over from a chap named Mark who had done it but his girlfriend of the time became […]