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22 Jan 19
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A group of British travellers dubbed ‘tourists from hell’ have finally arrived at an airport to leave New Zealand after wreaking havoc across the country.

Members of the controversial family, thought to be from Liverpool, were seen at Auckland International Airport with luggage and were due to leave New Zealand on a flight today. 

Locals will breathe a sigh of relief after the holidaymakers were accused of causing chaos by trashing motel rooms, leaving rubbish on the beach and using foul language.

But the clan’s last few days in the country have not passed without incident. There were reports this morning that their Honda Odyssey was given a parking ticket after it was left in a loading zone for longer than the five-minute limit in Auckland.

And yesterday, the grou

22 Jan 19
Hadleigh & District Classic Motorcycle Club

October 2018 Dear Members Firstly, my apologies for not attending September’s meeting. Christine and I were away on a short break, our first chance this year to get some time away from work. The September BBQ evening at Thorpe Morieux was well attended and therefore successful in raising the costs for the clubs (and your) […]

22 Jan 19
Sport Archyves

Spurs mind There is always one thing you can say about a Mauricio Pochettino team – they never give up. This belief comes from the manager. He is not chattering and shaving on the sidelines. He does not jump up and down and points to everyone. Some mistake that you do not care or do […]

22 Jan 19
The Black Rabbit Golf Blog

Excerpt (Please click blog post title to read post in full): “I’ve “ummed and arred” between two Scots (both at 100-1 at Ladbrokes) this week – the first being Stephen Gallacher …and the latter, which has finally become my tip this week, for the “Middle Eastern major”….
My tip then….?”

22 Jan 19
Sound Books

2018 has ended on a high note for the NFB. Two NFB productions have made it onto TIFF’s prestigious Top Ten list — Patrick Bouchard’s masterful stop motion animation The Subject (Le Sujet) and Christy Garland’s Palestine-set coming-of-age story What Walaa Wants, a Murmur Media/Final Cut for Real/NFB co-production that’s set for theatrical run at […]

22 Jan 19
Liverpool FC Now

Our first summer signing of 2018, Fabio Tavares, came as a shock to most of us. Within a 2 hour period, news started circulating that he is set to sign for Liverpool and two hours later, we saw him in a Liverpool shirt at Melwood. Yet another example of business done right by Micheal Edwards. […]

22 Jan 19
The Upside News

Ruby Slipper Chronicles is the story of a Kansas native leaving home during a tornado for an adventure. If that sounds familiar… it should, as writer and star Aurélie Roque noticed strange parallels between The Wizard of Oz and her own life. “It’s about how I, as a Kansas girl, moved to Australia during a […]

22 Jan 19
QX Magazine

Take a stumble down Old Compton Street and you might have noticed that among those young queers there seems to be a uniform emerging. You see them handing out wristbands outside of G-A-Y, you see them two-stepping and sipping on vodka sodas on the dancefloor, you see them dropping it like it’s damn HOT. If […]

22 Jan 19

I can’t tell you the number of people who have told me, “Book club saved my life.” They’ve cited reasons such as being shut in at home with a baby or infirm spouse, feeling loneliness or depression, moving to a new city and knowing no one, or needing somewhere to turn for intellectual stimulation. I […]

22 Jan 19
DirectorsTalk LSE Market News

John Minto from Waves Hotel & Spa is the new king of golf of the Elegant Hotels fourth annual Golf tournament that climaxed at the Apes Hill Polo grounds in St James on Friday. Minto, with a score of 34, easily dethroned last year defending champion Pat Mc Donagh of the Colony Club who did […]

22 Jan 19

Hello everyone. I do not often talk about my children on this blog. As I have a teenager and a not teenager (but thinks he is one), I am conscious that while they are my children, they have their own semi-adult lives now and it may not be fair for me to be continually discussing […]

22 Jan 19

Air Music Boom Plug-in NKS Mini Review… Amongst the latest NKS pack releases from Jason at Freelance Soundlabs was Air Music’s Boom drum machine plug-in. I picked this up yesterday from Plug-in Boutique where it is currently selling for £17.95, and when paired with the Freelance Soundlabs NKS pack costing $8.99 Australian Dollars, makes a […]

22 Jan 19
Things I’d like to remember.

This is going to be a condensed post of my travels from Sunday through to now. I feel it is remiss of me not to use this opportunity to say Helloooo Vietnam as on Sunday we took a public bus to Ho Chi Minh city. The bus was new and clean and surprisingly comfortable which […]

22 Jan 19
mark a forster

FUNNY how time escapes you. It’s 17 years since prog giants Camel released their last album of new material. If it was a child, it would have gone through school, be studying A-levels and contemplating future direction – work or further study? Yes, a couple of years back we had a reworking of the group’s […]