24 Jun 19

ENCOURAGING AFFORDABILITY, HEALTH, & SUSTAINABILITY SPECIFIC KANGEN WATER USES SKIN CONDITION REMEDIES:  Condition – Acne: 1. Rinse with pH 11.5 Strong Alkaline Water to remove excess oils from the skin. 2. Cleanse with non-soap cleanser and pH 4-6 Mild Acidic Water. 3. With a cotton swab dab pH 2.5 Strong Acidic Water on any active blemishes or […]

24 Jun 19

Words are such a powerful thing. They have the ability to spread both love and hate and everything in between. So many believe that you should only speak in kindness due to the manifestation of energy to the universe. I dont believe this to be true. I believe we should speak our truth. We can’t […]

24 Jun 19
My splendid blog 0600

It can be hard to get started on such a plan if you're currently not ingesting balanced and healthy diet. However, wholesome consuming as well as some exercise is essential for preserving a good body function and will go very far towards residing an illness-free of charge life. If you battle with healthier ingesting, then […]

24 Jun 19
Bonds of Beauty

Cleaning your skin is the first and most important task of your skincare routine. No matter how good your creams and serums are, if your skin is not clean, you will not get the results you are looking for. However, taking your makeup off with a wipe should not be the preferred method of cleaning […]

24 Jun 19

– by K. Aten Well! As if K. Aten hadn’t had enough genres to play with for her infinitely inquisitive mind that houses her incredible writing and storytelling talent, now she’s done it with yet another genre – “Contemporary Fiction!” And, dare I say, she’s hit the nail on this one, too, with her latest deeply […]

24 Jun 19
Jessica Davidson

Last time we looked at the archetypes and history of the Saturn Pluto Cycle. The current alignment is a conjunction, marking the start of a new cycle and a turning point in world history. Things are likely to be very different by the end of the 2020s, so in this post we’ll explore current events […]

24 Jun 19
ICT Blog

Cotton balls have numerous uses in the home and in the world of cosmetics. Typically, cotton balls which are soft to touch are used for delicate applications. Apart from regular use, a bag of cotton balls can be used for different purposes such as padding small injury, removing ticks, ear aches, extending the life of […]

24 Jun 19
The Giving Goat Natural Goat Care & Blog

NOTE: This post contains amazon affiliate links. A small commission will be earned from each purchase. So if you can, please purchase directly from those links, any and all support would be greatly appreciated. Have you ever been told, “goats can eat anything”? No, no they cannot.  The rumors of goats being able to consume […]

24 Jun 19
Smart Alex Travels

  Bali is known as The Island of the Gods and chosen as the top destination by Trip Advisor, 2017.  It is the perfect place to recharge, renew, reboot. You’ll have time to nourish your body, mind, and spirit while you discover aspects of the Balinese Hindu cultureBali On Your Bucket List? during your unique […]

16 Jun 19

Alkalizing, liver cleansing, hydrating, packed full of micronutrients and minerals. This is a simple, fresh, lite, and subtly sweet juice.  Cucumber Kale Celery

24 Jun 19
My experience in words

So, i have had the amazing skin type. Not acne problem not too much oily not too much dry. A perfect skin one can dream of having. Until i entered my University life, honestly its messed up way too much than my thinking. The hostel life, food problem, Garmi, Assignments and more above The Professors. […]

24 Jun 19
Eurasia Future

A coup attempt in the historic Ethiopian core region of Amhara was narrowly thwarted even though the state chief was killed and the country’s top military leader was assassinated in a related incident that later took place in the capital, with the failure of this regional regime change effort saving Africa’s second most populous country […]

24 Jun 19
What's Your Vibe

In the sky above the earth lives a giant rock that catches and reflects the rays of the sun onto the giant rock that we live on. Scientifically speaking, its proximity to the earth means that its movements and gravity affect the tides. Given that our bodies are made of more water than anything else, it’s […]

24 Jun 19 - Walgreens Coupons & Walgreens Deals - Your Site for Everything Walgreens

New Neutrogena cosmetics coupons popped up this weekend. There’s a $2 Walgreens Coupon for Neutrogena Cosmetics in the June Book, and this week these are B1G1 50% off. Here are some ideas… $3/1 NEUTROGENA Skin Clearing Makeup Face product (excludes makeup removers, trial & travel sizes) $2.50/1 NEUTROGENA Makeup Lip or Eye product (excludes trial […]