Cleto Reyes

21 Jun 19

Los exsecretarios Francisco José De Vargas y Luis Rojas fueron procesados por lesión de confianza por la supuesta compra irregular de equipos de escucha telefónica. El Tribunal de Apelación en lo Penal, Segunda Sala, integrado por José Agustín Fernández, Bibiana Benítez y Delio Vera Navarro confirmaron la resolución del juez José Agustín Delmás del pasado […]

03 Jun 19

SANTO DOMINGO (,- Erick Mejía y Erick Aybar conectaron un sencillo cada uno en las jornadas de la Liga Costa del Pacifico y Mexicana, respectivamente, en la actividad del domingo. En Monterrey, el segunda base Erick Aybar dio sencillo con tres bases por bolas en la derrota de los Acereros 4-6 ante los Sultanes frente […]

21 May 19

Wat boksers weten van stootkracht Blog » What Champion Boxers Know About Punching Power By Moritz Klatten Whether it’s MMA, boxing, or the nonsense we see action stars perform in movies, one factor that fascinates us about fighting is punching power. Some people believe that striking power is a gift, which to some extent is true, as evidenced by […]

14 May 19
Research Kraft

The “Punching Bag Market Research” gives a clear understanding of the current market situation which includes of antique and projected upcoming market size based on technological growth, value and volume, projecting cost-effective and leading fundamentals in the Punching Bag market. Punching Bag industry report is to recognize, explain and forecast the global Punching Bag industry […]

07 May 19
The Sports Daily

Whether you take boxing as one of your favorite sports or a way to burn your calories, you must need the best boxing gloves for heavy and training bag for many reasons. We all know boxing bags are a perfect way to experience the advantages of boxing without putting ourselves in any unexpected risk. But […]

04 May 19

  FIFTH ANNUAL BOX FAN EXPO TO HOST OVER 30 CHAMPION BOXERS, PROMOTERS AND BOXING COMPANIES THIS SATURDAY MAY 4, IN LAS VEGAS AT THE LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER Box Fan Expo is the ultimate fan experience event that gives boxing fans the opportunity to meet-and-greet top fighters, current and former world champions, boxing celebrities and […]

10 Apr 19
Latest Trending Market Research Reports

According to this study, over the next five years the Punching Bag market will register a 3.3% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ 65 million by 2024, from US$ 56 million in 2019. In particular, this report presents the global market share (sales and revenue) of key companies in […]

04 Apr 19
El Jacaguero

Tuto Tavárez Hace apenas unos meses, todo el país fue testigo de una disputa entre peloteros y ex peloteros profesionales. * Se peleaban por el control de la Federación de Peloteros Profesionales (FENAPEPRO). * Como pasa en Venezuela, una lucha intestina por el control de la entidad, que pasó de Melvin Soto a George Bell […]

02 Mar 19
Fight News 365

VICTOR MORALES JR. Age: 21 Hometown: Portland, Oregon Weight class: featherweight Height: 5-foot-7 Amateur record: 118-12 Turned pro: August 29, 2016 Trainer: Victor Morales Sr. Manager: Ken Sheer/Sheer Sports Management Promoter: no promoter Nickname: El Tornado Instagram: official_victormorales   Best night of pro career: Morales’ pro debut on the undercard of the Robert Guerrero-David Peralta […]

10 Feb 19

  Global Speed Bags Market Research Report 2019 (I-BusinessNews.Com, February 09, 2019 ) Speed bag is a small punching bag used by boxers for practicing quick punches. It’s also called gym bag, training bag or punching bag which is used to workout fitting.Access Report Details at: This report focuses on Speed Bags volume and […]