20 Feb 19
Evan's Techie-Blog

So, there was a small issue with my laptop.  It was dirty.  I cleaned the screen with glass cleaner and wasn’t too careful about where the liquid got.  Later that night the screen fizzles out.  In summary The not-water part of the cleaner corroded on the LCD connector on the display and no matter how […]

16 Feb 19
My brilliant blog 3964

Laptop Repairs In Derby We offer a high quality & cost efficient repair service for almost every laptop error that is possible. We Specialise in Quick PC Repairs. Dropped into to get a fix on my daughters laptop for a screen that was broken. Service was fast, polite and professional. The price was comparable to […]

04 Feb 19

Jonathan Calautti is a very humble dude indeed. Pay him a compliment about his car, and he is not too sure on how to take it or how to respond. He was shocked when I asked to photograph his ’82 XD Fairmont Ghia a few years ago I had seen the car a few times […]

02 Feb 19

In Russia, the company Eurocom Not very well known Meanwhile, it is a fairly serious manufacturer of gaming and professional laptops, operating in Europe and the United States, including the Clevo and Sager brands. And now the company has introduced a powerful and compact gaming laptop (15.6 inches). Sky X4C interchangeable graphics and desktop processor. […]

30 Jan 19
Leo's Life

Or maybe we’re the crazy ones. After my daughter and I finished up her hockey practice, I decided to go and pick up the RAM for the laptop.  I had already done some digging into which specific specs I had in the box.  I need to properly set the picture.  We had stopped at Booster […]

29 Jan 19
Leo's Life

I’ve been building PCs since middle school.  Not sure why it clicked back then, but it was a pretty big deal for a long time.  And frankly, back then I could build a PC in about 30 minutes – with the OS build being the longest part.  Today?  It’s still easier than most people think, […]

28 Jan 19
Özgür Ozan Çakmak

For more than one year I am running Manjaro Linux in all of my computers. I own a Ryzen Desktop, a Clevo W230SS and a HP Stream 13. Spec wise Ryzen is the top tier with oodles of CPU and GPU power (coming from a GTX1060) and HP Stream is the potato of the bunch […]

27 Jan 19

Although AMD has recently introduced Ryzen's 12-nanometer mobile processors, it is already working on its future 7-nanometer mobile processors. resource WCCFTech We were able to find out which notebook manufacturers will release solutions based on future 7 nm AMD chips and that they definitely do not want to do so. As our colleagues have discovered, […]

26 Jan 19

AMD has already announced its 7nm processors for the mobility market and it surely made the customers happy as this meant more cheap and powerful options for them. But there’s a catch with AMD’s 7nm mobility lineup, some rumors have suggested that multiple OEMs and ODMs are not going to support AMD 7nm whenever it […]

25 Jan 19
Online Technology Magazine

I have a couple of updates on the AMD 7nm mobility lineup front. AMD’s 7nm processors have already been announced for the mobility front and tech enthusiasts should be rejoicing at the anticipated expansion of cheap but powerful options for mobility lineups – but from what I have heard, there is more than meets the […]

22 Jan 19
Batterie de haute qualité

Chargeur Microsoft 12V pour Microsoft DC-ATX LED ITX power supply with belt fan Link del prodotto : FR:Chargeur ordinateur portable Microsoft 12V Polska Store: Zasilacze do laptopów Microsoft 12V NL: Microsoft 12V Adapter JP:新品ACアダプタ ES:Adaptador para 12V,Gran variedad de Adaptador del ordenadór portátil para la venta,Garantizado compra segura 100%! IT:Microsoft 12V adattatore. Tutte portatile adattatore Microsoft 30% […]