31 Oct 18

Stuart Campbell understands snow travel. He was the long time General Manager of the swanky Amangani at Jackson Hole for seven years and led Como Hotels in Bhutan for five years before that. Now he’s the Chief Operating Officer for the soon to be new kid on the luxury block in Utah, The Lodge at […]

28 Jul 18
Trend Crown

Smartphones and productivity don’t go together, do they? After reading this article, your point of view on it is most probably going to change. We’ve all had our share of nagging from our mothers on how we waste our time surfing the internet and how this time can be used otherwise, in a productive manner. […]

22 Jan 18
The Quiet Prepper

This morning when I looked at the weather app it was -23C (-10F) and the wind was blowing. Some might call this a blizzard but in Alberta it is known as poor driving conditions.  When it gets this cold and windy it is hard to keep warm when working or playing outside. Staying warm and […]

29 Dec 17
N6JFD's Sota Blog

I’m sure most of the SOTA folks out there who go summiting in the winter have the right gear.  This is intended for those that may be new at the venturing in the cold and limited daylight of the November – March month time frame in alpine areas.  Reality is, this is just paying homage […]

02 Dec 17

Important Side Mission: The New Base Layer I found the Thrift Store, and they have all the clothing things you would need and expect. I brought a very thin hoodie with me when I left–a game day decision that took place as I was walking out the door–and it has served as the layer under […]

09 Nov 17
Silicon Slopes

A Silicon Slopes Production This Is The Place (A Silicon Slopes Production) delivers wide-ranging, rarely serious commentary on tech, Utah, and everything in between. Hosted by Silicon Slopes editors Meg Morley Walter and Chris Rawle, This Is The Place examines Utah-centric stories that range from inspiring and relevant to completely bonkers. In Episode 18 Chris […]

20 Oct 17
Surviving the Off-Season

The leaves are changing colors and the days are becoming shorter. I’m sensing the cooler evenings and crisp mornings, and starting to opine that I may be suffering from lack of ski time. The first ski trip is just a wax scrapping and a snowstorm away. I know that snow is on the horizon… but […]