20 May 19

  Anna Ferriero I saw Hope in a great immensity and wind harmonica music he was spying on me; on the notes of my breath composed a poem; in the naivety of my gaze he found himself at ease. The stars in the clear sky they’re writing a new story, soon the talings they will […]

18 May 19

Null comparison is not allowed by coccincheck tool and   Below are commands to fix them inplace thanks to spatch –sp-file scripts/coccinelle/misc/boolconv.cocci –in-place drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/ Or you could use a patch to checkpatch like below and then use $ git ls-files drivers/staging/rtl8723bs | \ xargs ./scripts/ -f –fix-inplace –types=bool_comparison  

17 May 19
AO3 Feed Ladynoir

la coccinelle du amourby quantumchickpea Nino drags Adrien to the Red Light Disctrict for one last night of debauchery before he is to be wed to Chloe, a woman that he has known since they were children. A woman that he does not want to marry, but she has chosen him to be her husband. […]

16 May 19
The Becca Diaries

A while ago I started reading a book called Bloody Brilliant Women: The Pioneers, Revolutionaries and Geniuses Your History Teacher Forgot to Mention by Cathy Newman. After only a few chapters in it made me realise that actually there are so many women in history that are overlooked or forgotten and should really be talked about […]

16 May 19
Sound Books Lyrics too long ( 4000 char max ) Ecrire sans prod, coke dans le nez, une teille de gaillac pour eviter la corde Ne me tendez pas la main, il se pourrait que je la morde Ils pourraient m’envoyer une horde téméraire, cela ne changerait rien. Quand jgratte avec la rage ca tape comme […]

11 May 19
La classe de Madame Blanchard

Bonjour, I hope everyone is having a good weekend.    We have had another busy week in kindergarten.  The play at the confederation center on Wednesday was amazing.  Colonel Gray students and school band members and director did an awesome job.  So much talent and so much time for practices, organizing and prep work that […]

06 May 19

Semaine bien remplie pour les Coccinelles. Mercredi 8 mai se déroulent à Nègrepelisse (82) les finales Jeunes du Quercy Garonne et Pradines Lot Basket sera bien représenté avec deux équipes en lice pour le titre : les benjamines 1 de Stéphanie Lucianaz seront opposées en finale à Moissac-Castelsarrasin, dès 10 h 30 ; et l’après-midi à 18 h, […]

05 May 19

Minuscule 2 – Les Mandibules du Bout du Monde 30 janvier 2019 / 1h 32min / Animation, Aventure, Famille De Thomas Szabo, Hélène Giraud Avec Thierry Frémont, Bruno Salomone, Stéphane Coulon Quand tombent les premières neiges dans la vallée, il est urgent de préparer ses réserves pour l’hiver. Hélas, durant l’opération, une petite coccinelle se retrouve piégée dans un carton… à destination des Caraïbes ! Une seule solution : reformer l’équipe […]