20 Mar 19

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion film and editorial. Photography by Linda Leitner. Styling by Michaela Konz. Model is Sarah Saxinger signed at Tigers MGMT. Hair & MakeUp by Vroni Eder represented by Nina Klein Agency. „I’m a freelance stylist and fashion editor based in Munich, Germany. During and after my studies in fashion journalism I worked […]

13 Mar 19

  COCCINELLE SS19 ADV  By STEFANO COLOMBINI and ALBERTO ALBANESE aka SCANDERBERGS Producer: FEDERICO MORGANTINI Styling: ELISA ZACCANTI Production: MAI Masconi Associati production © Cattura All Rights Reserved 2019 WEB. COCCINELLE INSTAGRAM © Cattura All Rights Reserved 2019                                   […]

11 Mar 19
I Love Green Inspiration

Borse e donne: non ne abbiamo mai abbastanza. Storie di donne e storie di borse. Sembra quasi un binomio indossolubile. Noi donne viviamo con le borse. Maxi o mini, a seconda del momento. Indossiamo la stessa per mesi e poi, improvvisamente la cambiamo. Ne aggiungiamo e sovrapponiamo anche due o tre alla volta, come ci […]

09 Mar 19
my art diary 2

A YEAR WITH NILLI (MARCH): Nach den zwei Streifenpuzzles im Jänner: Dopo i due puzzle a strisce di gennaio: und dem Würfel-Selbstlautespiel im Februar: e il gioco con le vocali a febbraio: bringt der Monat März für unser buchbegleitendes Lernspielprojekt “Ein Jahr mit Nilli” ein Zuordnungsspiel in den Bereichen Zählen, Englisch und Farben: il mese […]

09 Mar 19
the good, the fab and the lovely

A couple of weeks ago we had the most gorgeous weather and that has got me longing for spring BIG time! I try to wear bright colours as that gives me the idea of bright weather, so in today’s outfitpost I show you this sweater in a radiant and sunny yellow 🙂

08 Mar 19
Le Vapelier

Une douceur pâtissière comme on les aime.

06 Mar 19
American Woman Online

12 trans women and non-binary activists you should have learned about in history class March is Women’s History Month, and to honor the occasion, we’re creating space for the women history forgot. For the women who deserve a place in our textbooks. For the women whose voices should echo. This series is for them.  Women have always […]

06 Mar 19
Archy news nety

Volkswagen reveals his ID. Buggy, a minimalistic electric car that is just an excuse to emphasize its SEM platform. In the future it will come to equip all electric cars of the group. On its stand at the Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen presents a 100% electric buggy concept reminiscent of the famous Meyers Manx buggy, […]

03 Mar 19
Just Write

Tabatha sat frozen in the drivers seat of her 2003 Toyota Corolla, her hands wrapped tightly around the steering wheel. She loved this car. It wasn’t pretty to look at. It had several dents and scratches, and the paint was chipping in a few spots, but it was paid for and reliable; in her mind, […]

01 Mar 19
Selene Laon

Farfadet assis un champignon, dimension 7.5 cm x 5 cm. Bonnet vert, veste et pantalon marron, chaussures marron foncé. Il tient deux trèfles et une coccinelle.