07 Feb 19
Blue Coclico

Spending time at the beach is supposed to be a relaxing and self-centred moment where you get to let go of the day noises, refocus and find yourself. It starts with feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. There are many outfits that are dictated by social convention such as company dress code, but when […]

19 Dec 18

If you want to kick it up a notch for your holiday gifts, think about shopping at any of these ethical and socially conscious shops! I promise you can’t go wrong.   Naadam   Naadam is a sustainable cashmere company located in Soho. This video explains it all (don’t worry its short!). 392 Bleecker Street […]

04 Dec 18
Damas Wine

Région: Piemonte Grape: Arneis Vinification: fermentation on skins. Organic. Dégustation: high toned green pineapple and ripe mango purée nose. Some warm spices, maybe saffron. Lean palate, light tannin but beautifully integrated. A nice light orange with lots of juicy ripe fruit for the holidays. Pairings: Samke Harra Tatar Borek Bamia Shish Taouk Kibbe Jibne Shrimp

20 Oct 18
Sole Searching

Time to go shoe shopping in my own closet. So many fine pairs of shoes in there.  Many made in Italy, Spain, or Portugal.  Built to last.  Worn down by heavy use but with plenty of miles to go.  I spent a lot on them.  On purpose, you see, because I decided quality matters where […]

28 Jun 18

Everything we do has an effect on the world around us. Choosing environmentally friendly brands instead of your go-to fast fashion stores is a simple way to decrease your carbon footprint and care for the Earth. These unique labels are not only better for the environment than most of the industry’s giant brands, but they […]

25 Jun 18
New York Gal

Check out these New York-based eco-friendly fashion brands that conscious consumers should know!