17 Jul 19
Download Roperta Minajullca Tijeras Magicas (2019)

“Tijeras Magicas” track listing: 01. Pianista Acalorado02. Palomo Verde03. Vientos de Amor04. Cielitos Grises05. Siempre Claro06. Letras del Desierto07. Gestos del Perdón08. Tierrita Rosa09. Corazón del Infierno10. Colita China #mp3nowlive

16 Jul 19
Books Rediscovered in my Library

The EAGLES: Hotel California (1977) On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hairWarm smell of colitas, rising up through the airUp ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering lightMy head grew heavy and my sight grew dimI had to stop for the nightThere she stood in the doorwayI heard the mission bellAnd […]

15 Jul 19
Mindfully teaching PTSS (and other Social awareness subjects)

This article explores how the African American family and marital structure attempt to emulate the white patriarchal model, and how Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome makes their attempts a fruitless effort. Noelle and Christopher St. Vil and Colita Fairfax claim that while African American hetero relationships have a “legacy of exhibiting resiliency and strength,” (140) these […]

14 Jul 19
poetry for a soul or two

Tonight when I tried to sleep, all I could hear was the echoes of my client’s voice. She sounded kindly, clearly Mexican, tender but businesslike. As her melodic Spanish wafted through my mind like the scent of fresh baking, none of the specific words recalled our earlier conversation. There was no mention, in this track […]

10 Jul 19

In Reading India Now, a recent book examining new trends in Indian writing, Ulka Anjaria talks of writers “turning the present into an aesthetic possibility”. This certainly is a feature of much of the writing we’ve carried in the first three issues of PREE and we look forward to continuing this trend. We pride ourselves […]

05 Jul 19
Archy Worldys

In a recent meeting with five members of the gold generation of Spanish photography: Colita, Leopoldo Pomés, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Ramon Massats and Joana Biarnés, who died shortly after, all agreed to qualify Oriol Maspons (Barcelona, ​​1928- 2013) as one of the photographers who had most influenced them. In Spain in the 1950s, and before […]

05 Jul 19
Nachrichten Welt

Bei einem kürzlich stattgefundenen Treffen mit fünf Mitgliedern der Goldgeneration der spanischen Fotografie: Colita, Leopoldo Pomés, Carlos Pérez Siquier, Ramon Massats und Joana Biarnés, die kurz darauf verstarben, stimmten alle der Qualifikation von Oriol Maspons zu (Barcelona, ​​1928- 2013) als einer der Fotografen, die sie am meisten beeinflusst haben. In Spanien revolutionierte Maspons in den […]

04 Jul 19
Nouvelles Du Monde

La mort du photographe Oriol Maspons en août 2013 a provoqué une avalanche de réactions: collègues, universitaires et amis ont rappelé leur ouverture, leur sens de l'humour et la polyvalence de leur travail. Bien que ce fût une période difficile, la photographe Colita est allée au-delà de sa mémoire affectueuse et a reproché à Maspons […]