13 May 19
26 Year ITCH

I am very conscious that my laid back approach to this year’s Close Season means that I haven’t been killing that many electrons, so I really thought I ought to put that right. The Voorne was a massive disappointment and is no longer on the List, although I will obviously keep tabs on it. Other […]

27 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

Jennifer Metcalfe was a cancer craver in her twenties, she explained. The Hollyoaks star, who had lost his father to cancer at age 15, had pre-cancerous cells removed after a routine smear returned as "abnormal." She said, "If I did not opt ​​for this smear, I do not know where that would end because I […]

27 Feb 19
Aldreds' Angling Adventures

This weekend saw us out on the River Soar for a teams of 4 event, a match if been looking forward to for a while as I’ve been busy fishing team matches on canals. We had 2 teams of 4 competing, Colmic White & Blue. I’ve been nominated as the captain of Colmic White, bearing […]

19 Feb 19
Stick float - An Angler's Blog

One thing match fishing taught me and that is ‘preparation’  It’s no good trying to get stuff ready the night before!

26 Jan 19
Chacko's Critical Care Blogspot

  The efficacy of acid suppression in the prevention of stress ulcers using antacids was first investigated more than four decades ago among burns patients (1). Many different classes of acid suppressant medication have evolved since then, but their utility in the prevention of stress ulcers in critically ill patients remains unresolved. It has been […]

10 Dec 18
Aldreds' Angling Adventures

A welcomed return to action after a few weeks off galavanting saw me on the Zouch Canal at Loughborough. It was the final round of the Colmic Soar Winter league. With nothing to fish for in the league standings it was all about the result on the day! One of the last in the bag […]

29 Oct 18
Aldreds' Angling Adventures

I’m going to start this roundup with a stat …. The last time I had something worth writing about and coined, someone else drew for me, since then it’s been hard work with not much return! With that said the poor Aldred streak at the draw bag continued, looking to avoid the low numbers the […]

21 Oct 18
Aldreds' Angling Adventures

In the quest for a few bites and a few fish, me and the old man found ourselves in Jewsons car park next to the Loughborough Canal ready for an 8.30 draw. It was the first round of the Colmic Soar Canal Winter League, the winner of the series decided by the total points of […]