27 Nov 18
My Pet Knowledge

Fleas and ticks will drive your pets crazy. Not only will they will scratch until they make sores all over their body, but fleas and ticks also transmit unwanted illnesses. What Are Fleas? Fleas are a small wingless jumping insect that feeds on the blood of mammals and birds. Why Are Fleas Bad? They transmit […]

20 Nov 18
The Love schaeferwinstead32 Blog 891

Arora Shine Beauty Cream Reviews If you wish to try utilizes and olive oil, it’s good to try dissolving the sugar in trouble and then adding the olive lube. Sugar has an anti-bacterial action that can speed the clearing of one’s acne zits. I always take an alternative approach to skincare persons. If you look […]

18 Nov 18
Swimming World News

There has been a lot of fast swimming going on this weekend in the November Invitationals. Swimming World has compiled a list of the eight fastest times in the nation this weekend to give you a better chance to understand what all is going on right now. There were six notable invitationals this weekend in Division I […]

02 Nov 18
Swimming World News

NEW COMMIT: Lake St. Louis, Missouri’s Noah Scheuermann has declared his verbal pledge to Arizona State and will arrive in Tempe next fall. Scheuermann swims year-round with Parkway Swim Club and owns the Winter Juniors standard in the 400 IM. He capped off his long course season with a 12th-place showing in the 200m fly at NCSAs […]

29 Oct 18
The Frugal Veterinarian

(Note:  Please see my previous blog post on types of preventative there are; this post is about specific brands and products) Here are the breakdown of common products with an idea of price breakdown also: If you are in an area where heartworm is NOT endemic and your pet does not travel and is not […]

01 Oct 18
The Thinking Dog

As many readers know, I trust the Whole Dog Journal as a key source of information on dog health and welfare. So when the WDJ issues a warning, I pay attention. A few days ago, they published this: Hold Off on Those Oral Flea-Killing Medications. This came up just after Dora’s mom sent me a […]

27 Sep 18
Loyalty Club

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22 Sep 18
Abycats' Thoughts

Top 8 vet-sanctioned home remedies for pets by Everyone’s tried home remedies. But they’re not all created equal. With that in mind, here are my top eight picks for safe and effective treatment of minor ills: 1. Epsom salts: When pet wounds and swellings inevitably rear their ugly heads, Epsom salts are almost always helpful […]

08 Sep 18

  MANILA, Philippines, 1 September 2018 – Happiness has and will always be a fundamental desire of moms for their families. Being aware of this is important, especially in today’s environment where negativity and bad news abound. “Ang kaligayahan ng pamilya ko ay mahalaga sa akin dahil ito ang sukatan ng halaga ko bilang ina.” […]

05 Sep 18

Nestle’s Nestogrow 4 introduces Grow Happy Nation: Play Lab to help families grow happy and healthy kids

29 Aug 18
The Blogging frantzenwilliamson8 Blog 835

CynergyTK is actually ingredient carefully extracted from wool of sheep. Must take this activity an abundant source of functional keratin. Functional keratin is a kind of protein responsible for your production of collagen and elastin on body. It effectively improves the elasticity of your dermis. Phytessence Wakame is often a type of sea weed often […]

22 Aug 18
Flea and Tick Treatment for Pets - VetSupply

Dog owners in Australia are always in the search of tick remedies due to the prevailing threat of ticks and their harmful effects on their furry companions. Australia is a vast continent with a variety of ticks surviving and thriving in the environment due to the favourable conditions. Though they are a part of ecosystem, […]

20 Aug 18

WILLIE DIXON with MEMPHIS SLIM Willies Blues (1984 US remastered issue of the 1959 12-track mono LP featuring the two titans of the blues backed by a group of New York mainstream jazzmen including tenor saxophonist Al Ashby & guitarist Wally Richardson. Despite a light corner crease the picture sleeve is still in partial open […]

17 Jul 18
just today

When I say I have had dogs, or at least one dog, my entire life, it’s basically true. I got my first dog at the tender age of five. I asked Santa for a “plastic dog with a red dog dish” and Santa asked me if I would prefer a real dog (backstory, Santa had […]