25 Apr 19

  Poetic Day 24 of National Poetry Month:  April 24, 2019, Wednesday   With fireworks over Lake Michigan (near my townhouse) last evening and sunshine over the big lake (and through my windows) this morning, another poetic day has dawned.  Have you taken or given “The Poetry Challenge”–“Willow’s Poetry Challenge”?  If not, please read my […]

25 Apr 19
Archy news nety

ALEXIS WHITE: From the Daily Northwestern this is Alexis White. Thanks for listening. "Avengers: Endgame", the culmination of over 10 years and 21 films, will be premiered on April 26th. In this first podculture series, some Daily Daily employees discuss popular theories. Heroes travel in time, and when a popular Internet theory about Ant-Man is […]

24 Apr 19
On My Walk Outside Today

Today, I went for a drive to pick-up medicine (and, caffeine – lol). I was hoping to discover a trail to walk on my way back home from the store. So, I packed my camera and dressed warm. I stumbled upon this gem – MacKay Wild Life Preserve – in Caledonia, NY. The entrance to […]

24 Apr 19
The Girlfriend Experiment

“You. Are. So. Annoying.” I was so shocked it took me a moment reply. I had no idea where that had come from. I thought things were going fairly well. Okay fine, not well well. But the sex though. Its mindblowingness was so utterly unexpected. I’d met Ezra for a quick drink in Oxford on […]

24 Apr 19
Normal Happenings

You perch bravely above the blogosphere, seeking and destroying any and all typological errors, sentence structure awkwardness, and comma splices with just a few taps from your smartphone.

24 Apr 19
Hollywood Life

Teresa Giudice pleaded fans to sign a petition against Joe’s impending deportation, but a fan asked where ‘this energy’ was when Donald Trump toughened immigration laws.

24 Apr 19

An attractive Skunk cabbage — bright green with a plum-colored comma-like accent — provided a sharp contrast with the less appealing bog water it was growing in.

24 Apr 19
High School SCOTUS

Stephen Dillard has served on the Court of Appeals of Georgia since 2010, and in 2017 he was sworn in as its Chief Judge. You may know him from Twitter — when he is not dispensing wisdom about government and appellate law to his 15,000 followers, he is weighing in on the Oxford comma, Samford […]

19 Mar 19
Alternative Tentacles Records

Everyone remembers their first punk show…

Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker / Jets to Brazil)
“I wanted to live with Exene and have her read the Bible to me, but I wanted to sleep in Chavo’s closet at the Black Flag church, under an American flag with cigarette burns in it. Lee Ving would be my uncle who would teach me about horse racing, and would let me drink one beer while we worked on his car.”

Michelle Tea (Valencia / Rose of No Man’s Land)
“The show at the Channel was full of boys. And none of them were wearing makeup. I thought the whole point of punk was to have a boyfriend who wore as much makeup as I did. We could kiss and it wouldn’t be a big deal because our makeup would already be smeared.”

Michael Azerrad (Our Band Could Be Your Life)
“In the middle of the set, John Belushi, from an obscure, late-night sketch comedy show on NBC, came up and played drums on ‘Sonic Reducer.'”

Blag Dahlia (The Dwarves)
“I started talking to a girl I met outside the liquor store. She had a haircut that looked like a comma balanced on her head and a drunken scowl on her face. When her older boyfriend came out of the liquor store he told me to fuck off with a mouth that smelled like old carpeting moldering in a dumpster.”

Russ Rankin (Good Riddance)
“As we were filing out of the club, I remember Rikk Agnew standing by the door shaking everybody’s hands and, when he shook mine, I was struck with how awesome punk rock was and how there really didn’t have to be any rock stars or separation between the bands and the audience.”

“Youthful idealism is beautiful. No matter how silly or misguided they may end up being, the urgency and power that a group of humans with the same beliefs and ideas can harness, is intoxicating and infectious. I think that’s what does it; that’s what makes people invest their lives and take ownership of a scene, sub-culture or identity, even though they mature and inevitably change. It’s about the ability to participate and build, rather than just plainly observe and accept, without question; it’s about being in a place so intimate that just showing up makes you an integral part of the whole: knowing that without you it couldn’t be the same, knowing you are connected. This book captures the very beginning of that process.”—from the Introduction

The punk movement has permanently altered youth culture. Today’s art, politics, and aesthetics wouldn’t be the same without the hundreds of thousands of young people who have embraced punk over the last 30-odd years. What does each of these recruits have in common? They all remember their first time. Hear what it was like straight from the fanatics.

Whether it was Jawbreaker in Berkeley; Sick of it All in DC; The Dead Kennedys in Berkeley; The Dickies at CBGB’s; Gang Green in Boston; the Ramones in Milwaukee; The Circle Jerks in the West Village—or Baltimore; Neurosis at Gilman Street; The Decline of Western Civilization in Venice; Fugazi in Chapel Hill; 7 Seconds in Sparks, NV; or their goofy friends at a party, these fans recount the inspiration, the embarrassment, and the redemption of their first time.

Contributors include: George Hurchalla, Harrison Haynes, Jack Rabid, Rob Fish, Joe Queer, Shawna Kenney, Chris Rest, Al Quint, Ben Sizemore, Boff Whalley, Shannon Stewart, Pete Slovenly, Paul Curran, Darren Walters, Scott Kelly, Jillian Lauren, Scott Bourne, and many, many more.

Chris Duncan is an Oakland-based artist, father, and aging punk. He remembers his first time.

24 Apr 19
Salesforce Kinks

Hi Everyone, Once again am back with an interesting set of requirement. The business criteria is to show a record detail page with the help of a field-set. A field-set is a group of fields which allows an Admin to configure any page based on the business criteria. For example, we can have a  field-set […]

24 Apr 19
Ms. Walters' Class

How can you help your child understand quotation marks? Read fiction books and have them point out the different quotes. Identify dialogue tags in quotes. (Ask them who is speaking!) Have them create their own quotes. Additional Resources/Practice:

24 Apr 19
Ariana Grande in the Media

In May of 2018, Ariana Grande tweeted that “nothing is prettier than Jupiter” followed by a photo of Jupiter. Shortly after, she tweeted: “update: Neptune is better” and a photo of Neptune. NASA’s Planetary Science Division’s twitter account responded to her, saying “We can’t pick favorites, but we’ve got you–check out the whole solar system […]

24 Apr 19
Jess Pitt: Theory

Derrida, “Structure, Sign and Play”; Of Grammatology & Gift of Death (excerpts); Barthes, “Death of the Author” Well . . . these readings certainly leave some room discussion and probably (for me, at least), create more questions than they answer. I’ll break my thoughts up according to each separate text. Let’s start with what I […]

24 Apr 19

Our senior writer Darren Murph breaks down everything you need to know about traveling to Alaska on this episode of Miles Away. He details the best times to visit, explains the differences between Fairbanks and Anchorage, and provides recommendations so you can maximize your time in this gigantic, 663,300-square-mile state. And, being the world-class traveler …

24 Apr 19

In order to be successful in an English composition course (also known as English 101) one must take into consideration the topic of discussion for the course. Some courses focus on poetry others on pop culture, embrace the topic but overall be ready to write. Whether its writing essays or writing blog posts the basic […]

24 Apr 19

April 23, 19 Well, really it’s a Tuesday, and I’ve come to my real home – different city (Boston), different day.  But It’s still me and it’s still a library, this time the Boston Athenaeum where I have a member since 1986.  It’s kind of hard to describe a “private” or “subscription” library; in fact, […]