Constable T Bear

08 Jul 19
The Travel Locker

A Tea Journey: From the Mountains to the Table 6 July – 22 September 2019 Tea is often thought of as being a quintessentially British drink, and we have been drinking it for over 350 years. But in fact, the history of tea goes much further back. The absorbing new summer exhibition at Compton Verney […]

03 Jul 19
Ruff Drafts

Buy link: The Spirit Of The Age is a satirical metaphysical literary contemporary fantasy mystery. Non-halal and non-kosher sacred cow slaughter is the order of the day as Probationary Police Constable Skandi Khan, transplanted from famously decaying multi-cultural Hounslow, cuts a swathe through rural Dorset, grappling with a crime wave whilst struggling to get her […]

28 Jun 19
The Beardy Book Blogger

  “A woman is found dead in a London street – the evidence suggests she plummeted to her death from a nearby tower block – but did she fall or was she pushed? And why does she have Danny Bird’s name written on the back of her hand? So begins this 4th magnificent outing for […]

13 Jun 19
News Directory

& # 39 'His Dark Materials', 'Lord Of The Rings': There is a huge list of new fantasy shows coming on TV. RIP Game Thrones 17 April 2011 – 19 May 2019. The crystal culture phenomenon is now in the crystal. Apart from the last two books George R. R. Martin is due to us, […]

11 Jun 19

'His Dark Materials', 'Lord Of The Rings': There's a huge list of new fantasy shows coming to television. RIP game of Thrones 17 April 2011 – 19 May 2019. The pop culture phenomenon is now in the crypt. Aside from the final two books George R. R. Martin, who prefers us to the final season; […]

10 Jun 19
past tense

No Through Road? This is a brief introduction to some of the social engineering involved in the building of three new roads in London in the mid to late 19th century, exploring the areas destroyed to establish these streets and some of the motivations behind their creation. It is far from comprehensive and only concerns […]

08 Jun 19
Huronia Museum

Click on photos to enlarge This ancient washing machine brought smiles from Mrs. M. Doucette and her daughters; Diana, 13, and Barbara, 6. It was one of the many articles donated to the Laymen’s Association of St. Mark’s Anglican Church for their auction sale at Midland Curling Club Saturday. The sale raised about $500 for […]

03 Jun 19
FX Forex Trading

[ad_1] #worldnews #tradingupdate #globalnews Police drop case against Northern Ireland documentary makers By Amanda Ferguson BELFAST (-) – British police on Monday announced they had dropped their case against two Northern Ireland journalists whose arrest last year over the alleged theft of documents used in a documentary sparked condemnation from rights groups. Barry McCaffrey and […]

31 May 19

6:10 AM, Sept’ 6, 2012, Besant Nagar, India. A pleasant morning, horizon painted in saffron and red by the sun. The chill breeze and the soothing waves calming and pleasing sight for the joggers. Indeed, a scenic beauty, it is! Far away from the main shore, a woman screamed so loud that everyone stunned all […]

24 May 19
The New Humans: A Web-Novel

Nobody at the Duke’s Inn knew what to say when Mad Laurie walked in from the night. For thirteen years, the headmaster had avoided Northam and her neighbouring towns—usually sending Mary Gillespie or one of his other minions for whatever he couldn’t have delivered directly to his school. Even his students were a more common […]

20 May 19
War and Security

Harold Auten was born in 1891. He joined the P&O Line as an apprentice in 1908. He became a member of the Royal Naval Reserve two years later and was promoted to Sub Lieutenant just before the outbreak of the First World War. He was one of the early recruits to the Royal Navy’s force […]

16 May 19

It has been claimed that hundreds of children may have been abused by a suspected pedophile ring in County Fermanagh. A local newspaper, The Impartial Reporter, has been contacted by more than a dozen people who report historical abuse. Here, the newspaper's deputy director, Rodney Edwards, tells a story that began when two men entered […]

08 May 19
Australian History

When one thinks of Victorian bushrangers, Ned Kelly naturally comes to mind. But the Kelly Gang weren’t the only, or even the first, bushrangers to terrorise the colonies. In April of 1842, a gang of four ne’er-do-wells arrived in the Plenty Valley region and spent four days engaged in a spree of robberies and raids. […]

08 May 19
KAIROS Literary Magazine

by Hannah Schultz Emilia Thorne swipes the back of her hand across her eyes, smearing mascara and blood onto her cheeks. Each footfall is jarring. She steps and gasps. Steps and hisses. Steps and whimpers. There are no stars tonight. She limps towards her house in the dark, the light she left on hours earlier faintly […]