18 Feb 19
Love In A Club

So with a lack of inspiration and the desire to create a new post, I dragged my boyfriend to the streets to dress him up and stick him in clothes foreign to his wardrobe. Introductions first, the boys name is Kieran and we’ve been together for nearing three years. It’s a long term investment. I […]

13 Feb 19

This week’s blog post is dedicated to streetwear, which brings us to our first look — curated by me. I took advantage of this week’s blog assignment and a day of decent weather to explore my creativity and groove for styling. I used my good friend Joya Tucker as my muse for this little styling […]

11 Feb 19

Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015Black History Month Focus : PoC Designers (Part I) February is black history month in the United States and it is a good opportunity to consider diversity and inclusivity. Fashion as an industry, even though it has made many great strides in recent times, has always had issues with racism and […]

09 Feb 19

Twitter, a web begin uр thаt haѕ developed more thаn anу othеr website іn thе last year, iѕ more аnd more becoming a major player in the business marketing globe. Whether you are an internet startup, major company, or mother аnd pop store on your local street corner, Twitter can bе used, frequently quite lucratively, […]

08 Feb 19

A new restaurant in a gentrifying area of DC received backlash from locals for paintings that showed rappers as chickens.

22 Jan 19
The Coogi Sweater

And just like that, the Nets make it a 4 game win streak. After having one of the biggest comebacks on the road against the Magic, they absolutely destroyed the Kings in the 2nd half today, winning 123-94.. Upon the tip-off, one of the commentators exclaimed that what makes this match-up so exciting is that […]

17 Jan 19
The Coogi Sweater

After a fairly close win against the Boston Celtics(the first win against them in 3 years), the Nets made their way down to Houston to face the reigning MVP and last year’s #1 seed in the Western Conference. I will be honest, I did not expect the Nets to go down there and blow out […]

11 Jan 19

Side Hustling Hailee here. In a recent game of who’s most likely to, I won the honorable card of “Would do anything for $5,” and I can’t help but be proud. Ever since raking in dollar bills when I was 12 at a Lemonade Stand, to selling clothes under the legal age at consignment stores […]

04 Jan 19
Chi Girl Sound Off

The docu-series based on the sexual assault allegations of singer R. Kelly aired last night, and like clockwork, opinions hit social media like the bubonic plague. I chose not to watch the 1st episode of the series (and have no interest in watching the series as a whole). I’ve managed to spend almost 4 years and 5 […]

02 Jan 19

Hello world, Have you ever felt like your outfit wasn’t “bad” enough , “outstanding” enough, “breathtaking” enough? Well I have before it was the year of 13′. I was a senior in high school I remember this like it was yesterday. It was raining outside so I had on my Coach rain boots with my […]

02 Jan 19
Song Lyrics

[Raja Kumari] Can I begin? (Buh, buh, buh, buh, buh) [Raja Kumari] One, two, one two, nah killers don’t talk Make sure you don’t get in our way One, two, one two, my pillow don’t talk Make sure you don’t get in our way Get in our way, make sure you don’t get in our […]

24 Dec 18
Song Lyrics

Out For The Night Pt 2 Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] Give her back shots ’til her back hurt (Back shots) Thumb through the money ’til my hands hurt (Cash out) Wanna go on a date? You gotta dance first (Yah, yah) Take it to the paint, I gotta slam first (Yah, yah) She […]