25 Apr 19
A Day In The Lalz

For the longest time, I have struggled to feel confident and remain modest at the beach or pool. That was until I discovered Coolibar and their array of beautiful rushed swim shirts, swim tights, and skirted bottoms. I finally have the confidence and sun protection to participate in water activities, lounge at the pool, and […]

20 Apr 19

We’re in India to attend a Mackrell conference in Bangalore May 1-5. Jerry will spend long days in meetings and we all come together each evening to dine and commune and it takes a lot of energy to make the most of it. While we were in this exotic, colorful country for the first and […]

30 Mar 19
B.C. Krygowski

DH and I just finished a month long, work intense project that I’ll be writing about in a few blogs down the road. In the meantime, now that every spare second isn’t taken up, back to our regularly scheduled blog! Last blog  I wrote about the things I wish I had done differently when we […]

29 Mar 19

Each time I travel to Maui, I pack too many clothes. You could really just take a swimsuit and some sun wear. It’s that easy and relaxed. I’m pretty much the “banana slug” Maui tourist in a family of hyper males. My favorite daily routine is beach, swim, sit under an umbrella, eat fish, swim […]

08 Feb 19
John Thinketh

Hauling a five-piece Samsonite set around the planet is hell on earth .I Watched a friend do this up and down dozens of sub-way and hotel staircases in Europe for three weeks,and-while I laughed a lot’especially When he resorted to just dragging or throw-i his bags down stair-I d like to save you the breakdown.trip […]

01 Feb 19
Pearls of Science

My husband and I recently returned from a cruise to the Bahamas. It was everything you could hope for when escaping winter’s chill: sunny weather, soft white beaches, good food and pristine views. We snorkeled in coral reefs off the coast of Nassau. It was spectacular to see all of the tropical fish and the beautiful […]

29 Jan 19
The Skin Sisters

Lauren and her family may have planned their travels too early (last week they were in Florida, but this week it’s so cold in Minnesota that schools are closed!) but they still had a great getaway to Naples, FL last week. It’s so important to protect, not only ourselves, but our children from UV exposure. […]

21 Jan 19
The Queen of the Brotherhood

This photo is of me on January 19, 2019 without any makeup on. This is my before photo. I know I have scars (from pimples and chicken pox when I was little), I have rosy cheeks, zits, and I’m starting to see lines. I do my best to take care of my skin and have […]

16 Jan 19
A Day In The Lalz

  Kaftan dresses are an easy look to throw on while on vacation. I basically lived in this Coolibar Kaftan dress while in Mexico!

09 Jan 19
Where in the world with Boys

1. The Ozone There is none.  This means sunburn. We are pretty sun smart with 3 red-heads and having lived in Asia for 4 years but, we got caught out quite a few times especially on cooler days! The boys normally wear their Coolibar hats but I also had to get them sunglasses as they […]

02 Jan 19
A Day In The Lalz

Happy New Year!! I am back from a quick getaway to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! It was a very last-minute trip and I was excited to escape the cold and spend some time having fun in the sun. Today I’m sharing a few of the pieces I packed for my tropical vacation!

25 Dec 18
Travel with Janine

On January 6th 2019, I am embarking on an epic (for me anyway) trip and going away from my husband, kids (23 and 24 year old who have both left home) and dogs for 87 nights. I am doing half a world cruise on P&O’s arcadia, a two week cruise on Sea Princess around New […]

01 Dec 18
Adventures With Sam

Not sure what to get the adventurer in your life? Here are 12 ideas for gifts or stocking stuffers for any price range. *Starred items are things that we have, use, love, and recommend! Gear Pack Light* | Eddie Bauer Stay safe and be seen at night. Great for all things outdoors! Easy to strap onto […]

07 Nov 18
The Skin Sisters

Gone are the days of “dare to bare” for us at the pool and beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a day of safe fun in the sun AND still look fashionable. Often times when patients or friends ask us what we recommend for sun safety and the topic of UPF/sun protective clothing […]