18 Dec 18
Cats & Tea

I write and edit a magazine on my college’s campus, and I mentioned in an Instagram post the other day that I wrote an article for our most recent issue about the best books I read in 2018. However, because I had a space limit there and could only fit 13 books into the article, […]

18 Dec 18
Hevena Lsasope


18 Dec 18
Stephen Writes

Hello everyone, For me, the ending is one of the most important parts of a book. It helps form my lasting impression of a book and it should fit well with everything that has happened already. Today I have picked out five books I read in 2018 that all contained memorable endings, which felt ideal […]

18 Dec 18
The Reading Shelf

A new season means another chance to come up with a TBR that you’ll sometimes forget about! I did a decent job with my Fall TBR list, so hopefully that’ll help motivate me to do even better this year – I’m not sure I’ve ever read all ten books in the roughly three month period, […]

18 Dec 18
Sirius Cooking

Today was my first day with no where to report to. It was odd. By noon I was struggling with boredom. There’s only so much candy crush one can endure.  I cleaned, I laundered, I organized. My house is immaculate…. what the hell am I supposed to do tomorrow? I feel I need to clarify, […]

16 Dec 18
Lindsay's Book Reviews

Lethal White is book four in the Comoran Strike series which I really love.  I have never before rated anything by J.K. Rowling as less that five stars but unfortunately I am going with just four stars on this one. I’ll start with the good: I loved getting back into the life of our private […]

16 Dec 18
7:30 Bookclub

As a big reader of fiction I am always surprised that when I come to do this annual summary of the year’s best reads that the most memorable titles are always non-fiction.  I am pleased to present my best picks for 2018. Enjoy! 1. Kassabova Kapka (2017) Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe. Breathtaking […]

15 Dec 18
Nad's Books

It’s time for me to share with you all the books I read in November! November was a pretty hectic month what with the first 9 days completely taken over by my Qualifying Exam so I didn’t get to read as much, but I think I still managed to squeeze quite a bit in. I […]

14 Dec 18
The Pondering Potterphile

It’s bizarre that creators of wildly popular worlds often end up vilified by their own fans. Sorry, I just snorted my drink. Sorry, go on. – J.K. Rowling There seems to be a sort of bell-curve of popularity for any creator of works that generate a huge fandom. These are the George Lucases, the George […]

14 Dec 18

Losing the Magic J.K. Rowling’s latest foray into her wizarding world is a muddled adventure, which puts a sketchy plot ahead of engaging characters and is lacking in any real purpose. 12A, 134 mins ** It’s nearly Christmas, and for Potter fans, Christmas has come a little earlier with the release of a new film […]

14 Dec 18

Heute war ich am Abend bei Metzger Zorn, nicht wissend, was ich wollte. Aber es gab Nieren. Und ich mag ab und zu Nieren. Ich nahm 200 g Nieren mit. Dann schaute ich nach, wie lange es her ist, das ich Nieren machte. Gute 2 Jahre und ein paar Monate. Ich hab sie damals 2mal […]

14 Dec 18
Brittany's Pages

Private Detective Cormoran Strike is hired to investigate an apparent suicide of supermodel Lula Landry. Her brother insists that her death was no suicide. On the same day, Robin starts her new temp job as a secretary for Strike. With all the evidence that John Bristow and the police have given Strike, he begins making […]