Cowgirl Tuff

23 Mar 19
Erotic Story and Sex Story

The sun is high in a cloudless blue sky as you emerge nude from the crystal blue tropical water. Streams of water glide down your beautifully tanned glistening body. A drop of water suspense its self on the tip of your small brown nipple. Refusing to let go of your nipple. A breeze comes in […]

02 Feb 19

February is such a great month don’t you think?  Lots of great things in February for Texans.  Likely as not you’re going to see some of the first hints of spring, as with the furiously blooming peach tree in my yard (pictured above).  Tiny wildflowers poking out of the bright green winter grass.  Birds, birds, birds […]

02 Dec 18
The Muscle Cowgirl

Thanks for joining me! For as long as I can remember I have loved writing, fitness, and horses. Now that I am 36 years old I am ready to embrace that and turn my experiences into knowledge for others. I hope to inspire, encourage, and empower others through my life experiences. I am a mother […]

21 Nov 18

Alright fellow equestrians, here we are, the post that everyone loves to hate (or hates to love?)! I hope you’re ready to get some good deals and set your wallet on fire. Some of these sales are already active, many won’t be live until tomorrow or Friday. I’ve included date info where I can, but […]

12 Oct 18
The Adventures of Jack n Kat

Is this year's 2018 Tennessee State Championship, sponsored by The Outpost Armory, hosted by the Wartrace Regulators. This morning started off with Jack shooting black powder. As we caught up with other cowboys and cowgirls we hadn't seen for a while, we did some side matches and a 4 stage warm up rounded out the […]

15 Sep 18

It is all about the sauce you put on your food in New Mexico. Do you want green chili sauce or red chili sauce on your breakfast burrito, enchilada, steak or chicken? Or do avoid the decision and order it Christmas style, ½ red and ½ green. No matter how you order your meal; it […]

24 Aug 18
Carrot Ranch Literary Community

The air couldn’t be better had I a magic wand. It wavers in temperature between warm and cool, reminiscent of a perfect spring day when long sleeves are no longer needed to bask outside. The air holds the tune of a trio of late summer sounds in a town poised to trade tourists for students. […]

23 Jul 18
RDB Reviews

Developer(s) Toys for Bob Publisher(s) Activision Producer(s) Chris Wilson Designer(s)I-Wei Huang Tom Hester Series Skylanders                                                                                                              Platform(s) PlayStation 4 Genre(s) Toys-to-life, role-playing, action adventure Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer The Plot: In ancient times, the Ancients used “Mind Magic”, a powerful force, to create Skylands. Realized that the magic would be easily misused by villainous people, they decided to protect […]

16 Apr 18

A selection of the best shopping lists on the web for 4/16/2018