14 Dec 18
Rick Carey's Collector Car Auction Reports

The numbers below describe a typical Mecum auction with a mid-$30’s average and mid-$20s median. Missing from that picture are the 39 cars from the Academy of Art University collection, a paltry 4 ½% of the lots offered that has an outsized position on Mecum Auction’s ambitions. 26 of the 39 offered from the collection […]

14 Dec 18
Dodge Girls Have More Fun!

The year is 1970; your hair is long and your pant legs wide. Gas is cheap and grass is cheaper, Led Zeppelin just released their second album, and the horsepower wars are in full swing.

01 Dec 18
Muscle Car Garage

[carousel_slide id=’2290′] Have you been seeking or searching for a seriously beautiful Mopar Muscle Car to dominate the Street or Show Circuit?  Well look no further because here is your opportunity to make this happen.  This frame-up restored 1970 Road Runner was professionally completed just under 4 years ago and is still absolutely incredible in […]

24 Nov 18
Dodge Girls Have More Fun!

It’s no secret that recent years have been grim for many car shows. Meets that used to be considered “the party of the year” in the Mopar community have reported steadily declining attendance, and with every passing year the passion supporting these events seems to fade further away. Maybe this is why I was so […]

20 Nov 18
Vehicle Traveller

BaT Auction: 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 Convertible This 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 Convertible was purchased new in New York and reportedly remained with the same family in Connecticut until its recent acquisition by the seller. Power comes from a 330ci V8 mated to a 2-speed automatic transmission, and modifications include Cragar wheels, aftermarket gauges, […]

19 Nov 18
Boulevard Cruisers

Feast your eyes on crushed velvet, the wrap-around backseat area like a luxury bar, and a headliner so plush you could fall asleep just looking at it.  Her name is “Fine Wine.” Couple that with colorful panel paint in defined shades ranging from lilac to indigo over the sweet long lines of a true ’63 […]

17 Nov 18

Feature Writer: mariannelatex Feature Title: The corruption of Peter!  / The Naga Cassandra and Lady Spermula born!! About the writer: Maryann now a powerful succubus move to Prague city and the adventures creating her own coven begin! Uploaded: mariannelatex Tags: #bigboobs #bigbreasts #cumshot #demon #demoness #demongirl #futanari #horsecock #succubus #transformation #cuminflation #latex #bdsm #rubbetemple #Rubber […]

09 Nov 18
Vehicle Traveller

BaT Auction: 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible This 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible is reported to have been with its previous owner from 1976 until acquired by the seller in July 2018. The car is powered by a 330ci V8 paired with an automatic transmission and features an older repaint. Modifications consist of a modern […]

08 Nov 18

Cragar 313-5660P Chrome Smoothie Wheel – Buy – Cragar 313-5660P Chrome Smoothie Wheel

07 Nov 18
Automotive American

The second entry in the On All Cylinders blog  Top 20 Aftermarket Parts of All Time is the Cragar SS Wheel Read the article here at On All Cylinders

05 Nov 18
Boulevard Cruisers

What’s Boulevard Cruisers? Some guys like to go fast, others like to cruise. Some value most what’s under the hood, others in what’s below the wheel wells. Some roll in primer, others roll in flake. ​ When we think of Boulevard Cruisers, we think low and slow.  Exactly as the name suggests, a ride meant for cruising […]

27 Oct 18
Dodge Girls Have More Fun!

Halloween is here and screens across america are filled with creature features and slasher flicks. While the rest of the world gets their frights from Freddie Kruger or Michael Myers you Mopar maniacs may want to check out these Chrysler inspired classics instead!

23 Oct 18
Smash The Discos webzine

Oi! Skins, Punks, Hooligans, and Psychos It’s Halloween 2018. As much as we love streetpunk, Oi, Hardcore, and Punk, we also love our creepy friends in the psycho realm, whether it’s horrorpunk, deathrock, psychobilly…  The sounds and visuals of horror, and of course the hyper-pulsating thump of the upright bass, are always welcome… especially this […]