Creative Bath

16 Dec 18
Best DIY ideas

Is there any garden decor idea where clay pots can’t come in handy? Here’s another easy garden project with clay pots that not only you, but birds will love as well! See more artistic and creative examples of DIY clay pot bird baths on our site to get you inspired! 🙂 diyprojects.ideas…

Is there any garden decor idea where clay pots can’t come in handy? Here’s anoth…

16 Dec 18
Southeastern RV Living

We were lucky enough to attend a free event at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. They had the grounds all lit up and a huge tree at the light keepers house, along with Santa sitting on the porch. There was a tree inside the base of the lighthouse. We were able to climb to the top […]

15 Dec 18
Walking by Inner Vision

Pennsylvania author and artist, Lynda McKinney Lambert, brings another inspirational story to her blog, Walking by Inner Vision.
In this article we see what one day is like in her “writing life.” You may be astonished at this revealing story.

15 Dec 18
Currently, Lately

It’s no secret this time of year can be stressful, which is why I want to take a few minutes today to share some of my go-to ways of reducing stress. With everything going on right now, it can be difficult to remember the importance of relaxation and self-care. That being said, here are a […]

15 Dec 18

Paper making – heres how it would go in a product atmosphere. Make the pulp, showing kids how to rip the paper into small pieces, having first removed anything unsuitable – sellotape, stables etc. Use boiling water to speed up process, probably even a blender to make pieces small.. Make the paper (the real activity?) […]

15 Dec 18

The week ahead tells me you should focus in on a few areas. If you are an adult, there will always be a bit of juggling when it comes to your work, family and self-care, but try to balance it out this week. I see you choosing three areas: Maybe you start the week with […]

15 Dec 18

The sun was particularly bright that day and shone equally on everyone. That did not mean that everyone it shone on was equal. Case in point; Angelica Bell and Marguerite Darling. The sunlight slowly crept up in Marguerite’s fashionable bedroom through the window. It did not make any impact till it  spilled over her bed […]

15 Dec 18
Bend it like Buddha

Human beings are social animals which benefit greatly from coming together through different shared rituals, traditions and practices. These rituals and traditions connect us together with a kind of social glue. Different types of rituals have been observed throughout history and cultures. The most common among which include meditation and prayers as well as rites […]