Creative Memories

14 Dec 18
The Protagonist Speaks

Dear readers, tonight with me are two characters that sprang out of their books to confront their authors. One, a handsome rogue, is the last chauvinist left in the feminist fantasy realm; the other is a space defender, struggling to be a strong female protagonist in books written by a pulp-fiction author. They are here to […]

13 Dec 18

Are you to trying to create retail quality apparel on a budget? If so, check out our top tips to kick start your custom apparel game in 2019.

13 Dec 18
Diary of a Home Baker Mom

I finally set up a blog. Been wanting to doing it for ages but felt I wouldn’t have time to do it regularly. Well, I really felt like writing tonight so I went ahead to create it. I’ve fallen asleep and woken up again in the process. This lady is tired. I slept while trying […]

13 Dec 18
Runaway American Dream

    “Dylan Thomas lived and wrote at the Chelsea hotel and from here he sailed out to die.” ~ written on a plaque by the front entrance of the Chelsea.       I first became aware of the Hotel Chelsea while still a relative youngster back home in Australia. In, I guess, November […]

13 Dec 18
The Dahlia Review

By: Matty Penner   Over the summer I was looking for something to read when I came across, This is Not an Accident, by Dr. April Wilder. Before buying it on Amazon, I read a couple reviews to see what I would be getting myself into. Library Journal wrote, “The nine quirky stories in this […]

13 Dec 18
Creative Memories Australia Blog

Have you explored the Imagine That! collection yet? This superhero-themed scrapbook collection is all about letting your imagination and creativity run wild. Obviously, a collection this unique and enthusiastic needs to be designed by someone who is equally as imaginative, which is why it was the perfect collection for Product Designer/Illustrator Alex! We sat down […]