Crimson Trace

23 Feb 19
Just Thoughts

Today marks my one year anniversary with Emergency Medicine.

23 Feb 19
Break shackles

Part 1 As I heard the birds chirp in the surroundings, I pulled myself out of the sleeping bag, juggled along to make some way and unzipped the front of the tent to peep outside. A mild brightness spread across the sky just enough to mark the outlines of the mountains. I gradually came out […]

22 Feb 19
Blue Marble Villa

An Instance in History: Lusitania Scene 1              A mild breeze teased and tasseled Malcolm’s curly blond hair as a radiantly warm May sun shone down from a vast cloudless sapphire sky – a dome resting on the horizon. No more than a few leagues off the port side of the liner arose the poignantly […]

22 Feb 19
pass the soma

#10) Minding the Gap – Having captured over twelve years of footage, Rockford Illinois’s Bing Liu set out to make skateboarding montages. He and his friends, Zack and Keire, rip around town, moving symbols of freedom. As their youth comes to an end and they transition into adulthood, Bing’s footage transforms into an intimate portrayal […]

21 Feb 19
Heavy Music Headquarters

This week’s reviews include releases from Abyssic, Booze Control, Carmine Appice, Cold Colours, Dead Witches, Delain, Last In Line, Minors, Nasheim, Oculum Dei, Opprobrium, O.R.k., Pounder, Rhapsody Of Fire, Sanhedrin, Traveler, Vimur, Visions Of Atlantis and Walls Of Blood. The ratings are on a 5 star scale. Abyssic – High The Memory (Osmose) Abyssic contain […]

21 Feb 19
Garage Paint - Why Ought To You Hassle?

While you are at your local home improvement store cheek out the paint segment. You will discover some epoxy paints intended for garage and basement flooring. They stick to concrete that is clean. Choices can range form crimson to grey to black. Try looking for these epoxy garage floor paints that have additional little “sprinkles” […]

20 Feb 19
Ed B on Sports

Born in New Jersey and raised in suburban Chicago, Alison La Placa received a degree in drama from Illinois Wesleyan University and received extensive training in classical piano and voice. She has starred on stage in regional productions of the musicals “Dames at Sea” and “Company”, as well as the Los Angeles Cast Theatre’s production […]