30 Sep 18
Life after the NICU

After you begin to shake off the shock of your baby being in the NICU or SCBU, you then have to come to terms with your new, but short-term, lifestyle. In this post I am addressing mostly parents who have to leave their babies in hospital care and go home, this can be for days, […]

25 Sep 18
Life after the NICU

As a parent of three babies that have been in neonatal care, I have had the rare opportunity of having experienced buying my own gear for my premature twins, testing them out, then being able to alter my purchases for my premature singleton 17 months later. After the birth of my nephew, who was 8 […]

21 Aug 18
Life beyond the laptop

We as working parents know all too well the sound of the starting gun each morning – let’s face it, it can present in many forms – from that eerie feeling you get when your child is staring you down bedside, to the moment you finally fall out of the king bed due to your […]

16 Apr 18

We talk to an expert expat, these are the kind of trips we will be doing too. Those that mean moving to a different country and learn a lot about it, mostly about its culture as you are growing in it. Megan and her family have lived in 4 different countries. She’s getting her latest […]