09 Dec 18
Wanna Scribble

Warner Bros. has spent years trying to create a series of films to match the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only to continue falling short. What’s especially frustrating about their failure to launch is the reality they already have a worthy rival on the CW. Arrow debuted in October 2012 as a mix of teen soap, detective crime […]

16 Nov 18
John's CWTV Reviews!

My project was to make a blog page about the CWTV channel reviewing the TV shows and saying what i think about them. This project connects to a passion I like the TV shows on there some skills ive learned on this project is how to make a website. It would of benefited anyone who […]

28 Oct 18
Not Only Videogames

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20 Oct 18
Not Only Videogames

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03 Oct 18
John's CWTV Reviews!

Spoiler Alert The Flash season 5 is coming up real soon. If you need to get caught go to HTTP:// Season 5 was a slow and eventful season. Some crazy things has happen this season Barry defeated the thinker(Devoe) Ralph a new character to come in season 5 got his powers took away but Barry went […]

26 Sep 18
unolin53 site

High school principal Jefferson Piece comes out of superhero retirement to use his electrical powers to defend his community from The 100, a criminal gang intent on Black Lightning, watch Black Lightning online, Black Lightning, watch Black Lightning episodes Buy Black Lightning: Season 1: Read 72 Prime Video Reviews – Amazon Watch Black Lightning, Black […]