22 Apr 19
Believably Outlandish

It’s been a hard work week with only a few distractions. I’m getting closer and closer to finishing my project every day – and I can’t wait to share it! For now, it’s a thousand degrees down south.

07 Apr 19
Chimera Spoor

Got back on Friday from a two-week meditation retreat at the Insight Meditation Society’s Forest Refuge in Barre, MA. To you experienced meditators, two weeks may not sound like much, but it’s the longest retreat I’ve ever ventured and was it ever challenging! I’d been there twice for week-longs –the last one in 2015, while […]

03 Apr 19

2nd of April marked our first return to AG.07 since the mirror test, and our first shoot with the Bolex. It also marked another grand change to the idea and concept of our project. As every Moving Image group is required to use 16mm film to some capacity for their projects, and we still haven’t […]

03 Apr 19

Hi guys ! On se retrouve pour un nouvel article sur Londres. Cette fois-ci je vous emmène à Camden town. J’ai adoré ce quartier très rock’n’roll dont je rêvais de m’y promener un jour. Malheureusement on a pas eu le temps de faire Portobello et Nothing hill pour y voir toutes les maisons colorées mais […]

01 Apr 19
Vanilla Vadz

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has written about all of the popular touristy spots in London: the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Borough Market etc. But what about the hidden treasures of London, the things you don’t hear about in all the brochures and that don’t commonly fall on the list […]

20 Mar 19
Viajeros Piratas Blog!

London is one of the most spectacular places that I have been before. I have to say I wasn’t expecting this city to give me many sensations and experiences and for this reason I would like to share it with you. I’m Marta and I am going to yarn all about my trip to the […]

12 Mar 19
Ana Ion

Hello ! 😊 It’s me, again. Dammit ! 😜 Today I wanted to write again, so here I am, babbling about random things from London, hoping I wont be so boring. (At least not so much) *wink* Let me tell you about the second day spent in this big and beautiful city, London. So…we woke […]

10 Mar 19

The life of the DJ is often presented as a utopia on screen. Can Idris Elba’s new show Turn Up Charlie buck the trend?

10 Mar 19
Chimera Spoor

When I was a teenager, I had two avenues of escape that were displayed on the walls of my bedroom. On the wall next to my bed was one of those huge posters that was a blow-up of a black and white photo. It was a pensive portrait of John Coltrane used on the album […]

09 Mar 19
Did You Know - Website

The 1990’s was a tough time for Apple and Apple products. Although there were some huge financial successes, some others were complete failures. Not everything that Steve Jobs or Apple touched turned to gold, far from it. The 90’s were, literally, the doldrums of Apple product design and market performance. In fairness Steve Jobs can hardly be blamed for this period, […]

09 Mar 19
Nachrichten Welt

VAcant aussehende Frauen in Bikini-Oberteilen. Riesige flauschige Berge von Kokain. Hübsche Leute, die sanft auf einer hell erleuchteten Tanzfläche liegen. Kein Schweiß. Keine Hemden Niemand über 30 Jahre alt. Glückwunsch! Sie sehen einen Film über Tanzmusik und DJ-Kultur! Jeder, der jemals in einem echten Club war, wird wissen, dass die Kluft zwischen dem, was wir […]

04 Mar 19
Coline Hamelle

Cyberpunk After mapping out a new target audience, I went outside to look at potential inspiration for my project. The most interesting location I found is the shop “cyberdog” in Camden. It’s the only place in London that (as far as I know), has a cyberpunk related concept. I was particularly inspired by its underground […]

04 Mar 19
Meg Ryan Art

I decided that I would need to make a skeleton of sorts to spray foam onto, I need to use a material that was easy to manipulate, but solid enough to keep its structure and hold the foam how I needed it to. I decided to use chicken wire, as my base, and to have […]

28 Feb 19
Andrew Probert

U50 Information Graphics Project Giant Panda Within this task, we had to develop and present an infographic based upon an endangered animal species, I chose to complete the task about the Giant panda. Using Adobe Illustrator I produced the infographic design within a large plain document. Researching infographic layouts and the different elements involved I. […]

27 Feb 19
Moments by Mary

Let me take yall back to November 2018. My friend Jenifer’s birthday was coming up in January and we decided to plan a trip! We were thinking somewhere warm like Cancun or something. After researching prices of flights and hotel rooms, I was a little discouraged by how much it was actually going to cost. […]