18 Dec 18
Hollywood Life

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. were all smiles as they hit the White House Christmas party on December 17. See the cute pic of the couple at his dad’s bash.

18 Dec 18
Archy news nety

A crypt of more than four thousand years old was found in Egypt. The grave of an old priest turned out to be a real sensation. Egyptian archaeologists have found a more than 4400-year-old grave near Cairo. It was exceptionally well preserved and is characterized by the colored painting of the images on the inside, […]

18 Dec 18
Isabel de Peuter-Rutten

A great article by: Oleg Vishnepolsky Global CTO at DailyMail Online and┬áMetro.Co.Uk Best people quit if they don’t trust their boss – integrity “Integrity is an expensive gift. Do not expect from cheap leaders.” Warren Buffett