Dallas Steward

16 Mar 19

Welcome to arseonlineracings Cheltenham Festival review of the 2019 meeting, held at Prestbury Park….. Where do we start? Bryony & Frodon? Espoir D’allen? Tiger Roll? Paisley Park? Willie Mullins breaking his Gold Cup hoodoo? The Stewards handing out bans galore? The false starts?? So many stories, from the opening day roar, that was even more […]

15 Mar 19
Tech Hockey Guide

The Old Dog gives an end-of-season report card for the coaching staff.

15 Mar 19
Updates from Kendall :)

Wow, it is good to be back! I have been so happy that everyone is together again this week. It was awesome to hear from the Bahamas trip and share stories from Ireland as well. It was awesome to see how God worked in the lives of both international trips. This week, we had three […]

14 Mar 19

Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie. Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age? My name is Sally Berneathy. That’s my real name, my birth name. It’s three syllables long, hard to spell, hard to pronounce, and hard to remember. […]

14 Mar 19
JT's Sporting Reviews

Some classic Australian GP moments from JT.

14 Mar 19

The Texas state legislature doesn’t always give me a lot of hope. From outlawing local control to the two new ALEC bills restricting our freedom to protest, there is a lot not to like in Austin. But this legislative session there are several  bills that could help protect our families and the climate. S.B. 1156/H.B. […]

14 Mar 19
Plant City Observer

Results courtesy of the Florida Strawberry Festival DAIRY  Ayrshire Grand Champion: Nathan Wilhite Ayrshire Reserve Grand Champion: Cheyenne Sommer Brown Swiss Grand Champion: Taylor Boyd Brown Swiss Reserve Grand Champion: Sarah Rogers Guernsey Grand Champion: Austin Holcomb Guernsey Reserve Grand Champion: Kenslee Heinke Holstein Grand Champion: Kenslee Heinke Holstein Reserve Grand Champion: Austin Boyd Jersey […]

10 Mar 19

Oggi il posticipo di Championship ci regala un derby classico del Regno Unito, il “Derby di Birmingham”, tra Birmingham e Aston Villa, un derby che ha sempre regalato emozioni sia dentro, che fuori dal campo. Si affrontano due squadre ormai salve, ma che non nascondo le ambizioni di poter agganciare nelle ultime giornate il treno […]

09 Mar 19
Edge Of Faith Magazine

Life is made up of a million tiny moments.  Moments of laughter. Moments of joy. Moments of sorrow. Moments of grief. At UPPERROOM in Dallas’ creative Design District, moments are what define ministry.  Moments of worship. Moments of prayer. Moments of thanksgiving. Moments of adoration. Morning, noon and night. Throughout the day, people stream in […]

09 Mar 19

And we’re back after a bit of a hiatus! Dallas, Texas The Jerk Airways HQ The hero of the airline industry, or the villain, depending on your perspective, James “Jimmy” Edwards stared out the window of the main conference room of Jerk Airways HQ in Dallas, Texas. The days of the Thug Wars were behind […]

07 Mar 19
Tim Sandoval

About two weeks ago, The New York Times ran a story accusing Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar of abusing staff. The story, based on interviews with more than two-dozen former aides, relayed numerous instances of problematic behavior. The most memorable anecdote involved the Minnesota lawmaker allegedly berating a staffer for losing a fork she needed to eat a salad on a plane. […]

07 Mar 19
Teamsters Local Union 767

We walked in at midnight on New Year’s Day with one goal: Serving YOU. On the Shop Floor and at the Gates Last month, we ordered new Weingarten Rights cards for you to carry and have been distributing those at the gates while also signing up new members, gathering Feeder surveys regarding your experiences while […]

04 Mar 19

Getty Images INDIANAPOLIS-It's Kyler Murray's Combine, followed by Kyler Murray's Pro Day, followed by the spring of Kyler Murray Rumors, followed, thankfully, by the first round of the NFL Draft on April 25th and the official landing of Kyler Murray. Who, among other things, did nothing for three days except a higher measure than he […]