Dance At Forbidden Locations

16 Feb 19

This is one those novels that will change the way you look at death and burial methods – and Beirut. Rawi Hage has managed to write something profound, beautiful, moving and joyful about a place as depressing as Beirut in wartime, and a situation as sad as the people of that city who are casualties […]

15 Feb 19

Before it hits theaters on March 1st (and On Demand on March 5th), check out the red band trailer that was recently released for what has been named “the goriest film in years” — Guto Parente’s Cannibal Club. Also in today’s Highlights: Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival 2019 bi-coastal event lineup, Travel Channel’s […]

15 Feb 19
The Homestead Blog

by Paul R. Spitzzeri For last year’s “Flirting With History” program, which incorporates readings in the Workman House and La Casa Nueva for Homestead visitors of Temple family letters from the 1840s through the 1920s dealing with romantic and familial love, one of the more interesting missives was an April 1887 letter from Walter P. […]

12 Feb 19
My super blog 0539

The island of Mykonos, Greece, has had the world's imagination slave for more than four decades, it it's appeal isn't showing signs of subsiding. The draw of the island utilized to be its cosmopolitan way of living, with its high-end hotels and lively night life, now it is a lot more than that. There is […]

12 Feb 19
My impressive blog 8514

There is no other location like Mykonos on the planet. If you have actually never been, it is absolutely in your best interest to see Mykonos first-hand. The plain white structures are pristinely set mykonos beaches against the bluest of blue skies as if plucked from a painting. Literally, Mykonos is a grand maze […]

11 Feb 19
Circumspice of Life

Part 1: First Sight As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas and land on barbarous coasts. -Herman Melville Some places on this planet inspire beautiful poetry and art. They give us pause and then make us want to share the images and feelings […]

10 Feb 19

  Roulette Commonly, it’s every day you take a good look at yourself. Most times however, it’s usually through a mirror. Not this time. This time the experience was very three-dimensional, physical, and real. “My god” resistance commander Wade Wells uttered in disbelief at the sight of the person amongst the party that had arrived […]

09 Feb 19
pure entertainment preservation society

In April of 2015, my family and I went to Arizona for a holiday. One evening in our hotel, we decided to watch a movie. Out of two films, we chose The Wackiest Ship in the Army from 1960, a World War II comedy with elements of drama starring Jack Lemmon and Ricky Nelson. We hadn’t watched […]

07 Feb 19

General Introduction Ebira language, as a language, is spoken by about one million people majorly found in Kogi State, Nigeria. Ebira people relates to an ethnolinguistic group of Nigeria that are basically found in Kogi and parts of the neighboring North Central states like Kwara, Nasarawa, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. They are also […]

05 Feb 19
Gaming Hardware

Where are the Fortnite forbidden locations? Fortnite season 7 has arrived and, just like you, we’re excitedly digging our way through all the frosty new features Epic Games’ are bringing to the most battle royale mode around. But, while everyone’s heads are turned by all the shiny new stuff, challenge hunters will be ready to […]

04 Feb 19

Ace Hong Kong director Dante Lam has begun work on “The Rescue,” which is set to be the biggest-budget Chinese film made this year. The $90 million action-adventure picture has already claimed a coveted Chinese New Year release slot in 2020. Lam was recently responsible for two of mainland China’s highest-grossing films: “Operation Mekong” and […]