Dance At Forbidden Locations

24 May 19
Monaco Reporter

From successful film star to Princess of Monaco On May 15, 2019, Princess Charlene inaugurated the Artist’s Tributes exhibition “Grace Kelly: from Hollywood to Monaco”, in the heart of the Galaxy Macao™ complex, that traces the story of Oscar-winning Grace Kelly (1929-1982). The Grimaldi Forum co-organized this exceptional exposition with the Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG), […]

24 May 19
Visions of the Dark

In 1991 I was a medic in the U.S. Air Force assigned to a refueling squadron in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Mostly, this entailed performing sick call a couple of times a day and issuing medicine to stop attacks of diarrhea rather than any real attacks by Iraqis.  The Saudi Arabian government had allowed us to […]

23 May 19
Understanding Bollywood: a Guide for Americans

The biggest hangup that Western audiences have with Bollywood, it seems, are the songs and dances, so this is what I’ll examine first. Some complaints about the song/dance sequences in Bollywood are that they don’t have any narrative purpose, that they interrupt the narrative, that they needlessly drag the movie out, and that they’re unrealistic. […]

21 May 19
Chronicles of Canada Slim

Landschlacht, Switzerland, Tuesday 21 May 2019 This Sunday in Switzerland some folks will attend services in either a Reformed Church or a Roman Catholic Church and both groups will call themselves Christian.     And as the Earth spins around the Sun, from the Dark Continent of Africa to the Canadian tundra, Christians will kneel […]

21 May 19
The show of a Rwandan young adult!

  I have been going out pretty much every weekend I have been in Dakar and this has made me seem like such a “party girl” among my colleagues. This party girl persona came from the fact that I had spent over a year and a half in the US without going out as much […]

20 May 19

Way of the Wanderer It has been said that martial arts is a paradox. We are taught to fight but then asked not to fight. The master was asked, why do you teach me to fight and then tell me to avoid fights, so the master replied — It’s better to be a warrior in […]

17 May 19
SQL Server Fast

Allow me to interrupt my normal technical posts to share a personal story. I can’t sing Starting in my early youth and continuing all through my adulthood, people have been telling me that I cannot sing. Classmates, colleagues, random people I met. But also people I trust and love. For example, my mother loves to […]

17 May 19
Synths of Eden

One of main this blog’s main goals of is to find and curate new music that are worth sharing. Music that is innovative, playing with oddity, singular, something that is influenced by popular music while flirts with what is on the shadows, the underground, the tunes coming from out of the curve, or better using […]

14 May 19
Let's Talk

Ha…ha….ha….constantly I run seeing no end to a dark tunnel only to wake up out of breath and sweaty. I’ve been having this same reoccurring dream ever since I lost everything in my life to the raging waters. I look around my empty house as I get up to cool my face. Pulling back the […]

12 May 19
Witches Of The Craft®

Bona Dea (Roman) This fertility goddess was worshipped in a secret temple on the Aventine hill in Rome, and only women were permitted to attend her rites. A woman hoping to conceive might make a sacrifice to Bona Dea in hopes that she would become pregnant. Bona Dea ([bɔ.na ˈde.a] ‘Good Goddess’) was a goddess in ancient Roman religion. She […]

11 May 19

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t look for alternative brands of microwave parts. There are so many intelligent people in the world to not make this possible. Anyway, it is very understandable if you would want to turn to those less prominent brands of appliances parts. Customers can call to place their order […]

09 May 19
Lulu Goodchild

I broke someone’s heart before I left high school. Not that high school wasn’t brutal to me first. I said in my previous post that when I kissed the guy whom I honestly thought I would marry, when I was 18, it was my third kiss. My first and second kiss both happened when I […]

08 May 19

In the first half of this discussion, we looked at the way in which George R.R. Martin channels the Gothic in the Song of Ice and Fire novels. In particular, this is shown through Sansa Stark whose belief in the power of the chivalric stories that Westerosi society uses to mask its inherent cruelty is […]

07 May 19
Lindley On the Road

I’m trying to capture some of my impressions of Seville, Spain before we move on in our trip. The Wife and I have wandered around here for almost four days, encountering the people and culture in various settings. If, like us, you prefer to explore a destination by foot… peering into windows and catching glimpses […]

06 May 19
Stephen Aaron Shepard

They emphasize upon that atheism is the lack of belief in God. We should be free to make up our own purpose, instead of following that which is given to us from God through religion, which also leads to the absence of purpose, although the potential for inventing purposes has emerged. No true race is […]