06 May 19
Testament Literar

Lucian Blaga (n. 9 mai 1895, Lancrăm, România – d. 6 mai 1961, Cluj, Republica Populară Română) a fost un filosof, poet, dramaturg, traducător, jurnalist, profesor universitar, academician și diplomat român. Biografie Primii ani S-a născut la Lancrăm, lângă Sebeș. Localitatea natală se afla atunci în comitatul Sibiu. Lucian Blaga a fost al nouălea copil […]

07 Apr 19

Getting To America
02 Apr 19

The Tempest. The final play of William Shakespeare.  A story,  in part, about a person about to venture into a “brave new world…” Seems appropriate for the end of senior year, ammIright? Here’s what we’re aiming to get out of the last five weeks of this year: SPEAKING:  One major goal of this unit is […]

01 Apr 19
Pro Best Review

Whether you are a professional chef or you just cook in your home it is paramount to have top quality utensil. The main reason behind this is poor quality utensils will slow you and also affect your work negatively. One of the things you need to ensure you have is the right egg slicer. You […]

18 Mar 19

by Michael Miano The fight for civil rights, like those that occurred in the United States and South Africa,  is a force that continues to unify activists across the world, many of whom are committed to the principle of nonviolence, stemming from Gandhi’s method of Satyagraha. An example of a champion of this nonviolence was […]

18 Mar 19

by Ben Fullbrook The word Rebirth holds a special place in the heart of any DC (Detective Comics) fan. Whenever you see a hero’s name with the word “Rebirth” attached to it, you know you are in for an amazing read.  Geoff Johns uses the word rebirth to return a character to form. First used […]

18 Mar 19

by William Dowse In the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy the author makes fear a prominent central idea. Throughout the book the two characters, the father and the son (The Kid)”, are faced with multiple challenges. Some of these challenges can make the characters very fearful for either their life or what can happen. […]

28 Nov 18
Wave Net Info

Strong and durable, this Danesco frothing pitcher is a must have for any coffee or cappuccino lover. Sleek and modern, it is fabricated out of 18/8 stainless steel and has a lovely polished finish. The wire handle provides a secure grip on the pitcher and the indented pour spout makes pouring simpler and cleaner. This […]

03 Oct 18
Pêches & Poivre from Sweet to Savoury

Meet the Garlic Rocker. I like cooking with garlic, and now, I like cooking with garlic even more!

20 Apr 18
The All Stories Theater Company

Join The All Stories Theater Company for a two-night return of the original drama, A Knotted Rope by Beth Danesco, produced in partnership with the NBDMHC. Synopsis: As a young lawyer defends a man accused of participating in one of history’s darkest moments, she is pulled into a bigger mystery of identity and guilt that […]