18 Apr 19
The Hobbit Hole

It’s interesting to think of the career when it comes to Robert Downey Jr.  Starting out in the 1987’s he currently has 91 credits to his name on imdb.com. His first movie was called Pound in 1970 but it wouldn’t be until 1980’s John Hughes epic Weird Science that he really created himself as an […]

18 Apr 19
Ageless Investing

Father’s Day offers you one day to thank your dad with your words dad for all he’s done for you. Read these happy, funny, and inspirational Father’s Day quotes to help you find the right words. [click_to_tweet tweet=”Remember that the best Father’s Day gift comes from sharing memories and experiences.  via @AgelessInvesti1″ quote=”Remember that the […]

18 Apr 19
Overcoming narcissistic abuse - Elizabeth shaw

Overcoming narcissist Abuse, by Elizabeth Shaw. Life is hard, never give up on yourself stay strong even when you feel week. Never ever give up on yourself. In your own life journeys, you will fail, you will have regrets, you will make mistakes, no matter how low life takes you down sometimes. You can always […]