Danielle Caprese

24 Jun 19
Elana's Fabulous Farewell to My 50's Tour

The weather has finally been beautiful and we’ve been busy with yard work and cleaning the boat. Of course, when your boat is clean it’s mandatory to take it out for a spin, because, why wouldn’t you? In addition to the chores and pleasures that come along with the nice weather, the bathroom renovation continues […]

27 May 19
On The Road Again

Ciao Ciao, I know it’s been AWILE since I got to update you all on the Grand Finale of my study abroad adventures… but I promise it was worth it!! I have kept all my fans and loyal readers waiting, so here it is: THE FINAL FAREWELL to FIRENZE.             Well for my last weekend […]

24 May 19

[ooyala player_id=”f987944e2b8d47c5ad7da7977780b8bd” auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ pcode=”9vOTQyOvfOKTDwM65FXm0S1biBeX” code=”BtMW91aDE6Z2IBey70kIkC6k4BHm4mrZ”] For more info on Chef Jamie Gwen, visit her website. Follow Chef Gwen on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @ChefJamieGwen. Thank you to Smart & Final, Twin Eagles Grills and Melissa’s Produce. TEQUILA LIME CHICKEN THIGHS WITH GRILLED PEACHES -Serves 4 1/3 cup tequila 1/3 cup fresh lime juice 1/4 […]

15 May 19
YumVoyage - Food with Experience

Ah, springtime. In 2018, Minnesotans received nearly a foot of snow in April. In 2019, samesies. It goes without saying: if anyone you know from the region has been perpetually crabby, offer them a cup of coffee (cream, no sugar), a baked good (this one likes cinnamon rolls), and tell them to bring their chin […]

19 Feb 19
Danielle's Semester in Rome, Italy 2019

Ciaooo everyone! Week 4 has come and I already feel like this is my new norm living here. I am starting to feel more like a resident than a tourist which is such a comforting and surreal feeling. I just wish I could speak the language so I could communicate with more people- even though […]

04 Feb 19
Danielle's Semester in Rome, Italy 2019

Ciao amici! Sorry to my family and friends who I promised I’d give them an update on what the heck I’m up to sooner! My initial plan was to post an update every Sunday but we arrived in Italy on a Wednesday so it kind of threw off some things but I promise to stick […]

05 Jan 19
The Zealous Type

I. Love. Chicken. I could marry chicken. I often plan too many meals with chicken and get dirty looks from my family. They’re haters. I ain’t. January 3rd was a rare occurrence–I started prepping meals at 8pm. Weird, right? I had already marinated/mostly defrosted the chicken that I thought we were having for dinner that night, then […]

03 Dec 18

Cue the Jingle Bells… ahh just that sound gives me chills thinking of one of my favorite holiday shows, Oprah’s favorite things! That show has been gone for some time but I still tune into her website to see her infamous holiday favorites from year to year!! This year I decide to get some of […]

24 Oct 18

[ooyala player_id=”b248f00b9d6e4d7ba21cbc796a85f61c” auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ pcode=”hvZXE6LAucDf6RdQ6h18j_W_oNxg” code=”kzb29oZzE6E_riuE01GIRe3B3OWUnuFX”] CLEVELAND, Oh —  When you think of Halloween, healthy snacks don’t usually come to mind, but Akron Children’s Hospital dietitian Danielle Dimengo is about to change your mind! Danielle showed Fox 8’s Kristi Capel some fantastic and festive Halloween snack ideas and also talked about ‘what’ to eat […]

02 Oct 18
I am Sandy Kay

Part of a series on pulling your life together after a period of bleh, focusing on making better meal and snack choices.

22 Aug 18

My girls LOVE options in their lunch! Here are a couple of “bento” inspired lunch ideas. Nutella and Banana Roll Up 1- Whole Grain Flat Out wraps. 2 Tbsp. Nutella 1 Banana *Perfect to cut into bite size piece, like sushi! Pairs well with chopped up strawberries and cucumbers Sweet Roll Ham Sandwitch 1- Original Hawaiian […]

30 Jun 18
So Southern At Heart

How to Host the PERFECT Patriotic Celebration Alex Hendrickson Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day are all about gathering with friends and family to celebrate our nation’s history and America’s freedom. If you are entertaining at home, keep your focus on the celebration, avoid the stress, and make setting the table and serving […]

04 Jun 18

Wow do we love Sunday Dinners… especially in the summer when you can leave the windows open and enjoy a cold bottle of white wine while watching the kiddos play outside. There is something so joyful about these summer nights. I am very into pairing fruit for a fresh take on a classic dish. For […]

08 Apr 18
Danielle and Brian's Wedding Blog

Hello everybody, we just came back from our food tasting at the venue and we almost didn’t want to leave. Well, except for the fact that we were so full! I think they almost had to roll us out of there. I know it was supposed to be a tasting but it felt like we […]