Danisches Bettenlager

28 Oct 18
City Report - pnr24

Brandenburg an der Havel, Upstallstraße, Dänisches Bettenlager –  Sonntag, 28.10.2018 gg. 03.00 Uhr –  Die Berufsfeuerwehr der Stadt Brandenburg wurde in der Nacht von Samstag zu Sonntag zu einem vermeintlichen Brand im Dänischen Bettenlager gerufen. Dort hatte gg. 03.00 Uhr die Automatik der Brandmeldeanlage ausgelöst. Vor Ort stellte der Löschzug der Feuerwehr glücklicherweise keinen Brand […]

26 Sep 18

Parents know this: many fathers and mothers control the cot at night: is the child sleeping soundly? To breathe? Everything is alright? Behind this is the fear of many parents of sudden infant death. That the child dies without being ill or without apparent external circumstances. Soft mattresses are dangerous However, Stiftung Warentest has now […]

12 Sep 18
Sidecar Rider

While we are stuck near the Schwarzwald and don’t want to go too far away from the motorbike shop, we’re looking for things to do. Reading and/or listening music while lying on the hotelbed can get a little boring. There are nice walks around here, as we are in a hotel next to a forest, […]

11 Sep 18
Expat Eye on Germany

Since my last ranty post, I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough. I’ve found Jesus. I’m as surprised as you are – turns out he’s been sitting in a souvenir shop in the Alte Münze all this time. Will wonders never cease? Anyway, since it seems that Jesus has chosen me to be his earthly representative […]