16 Feb 19

I’ve not made a lot of progress with railways recently, perhaps completing more shopping than actual modelling.  But here are a few odds and ends from the gloat box. Repainting Microtrains and Atlas coaches into Lehigh Valley colours continues.  Having found a red that satisfies me, it’ll do for my home painted stock.  I bought […]

15 Feb 19

Dapol announce new ex LSWR B4 0-4-0t liveries and variants including Drummond boilered and K14 versions Dapol announce new ex LSWR B4 0-4-0t liveries and variants including Drummond boilered and K14 versions — Read on grahammuz.com/2019/02/15/dapol-announce-new-ex-lswr-b4-0-4-0t-liveries-and-variants-including-drummond-boilered-and-k14-versions/

15 Feb 19
GrahamMuz: Fisherton Sarum & Canute Road Quay

The Dapol ex LSWR B4 class 0-4-0t were first announced back in March 2014 and the first versions arrived in June last year.  Yesterday Dapol announced further livery and detail variants, as below,  including the first appearance of the Drummond Boiler fitted and one of the 5 off Drummond K14 versions. I have a number of these […]

13 Feb 19
Model Railways 4 U

N scale is extremely popular amongst model railway enthusiasts. Although it is still somewhat in the shadow of its older brother, 00 scale. N gauge still is a great alternative to these larger models. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider N gauge…. Size First and foremost, the size of these models is what […]

01 Feb 19
Light and Narrow Gauge Railways

Modern models in ’00’ are by and large true to scale, and any compromises are the necessary ones to keep them on the (underscale) track, and to accomodate the electric motors, but it was not always the case. In this post I shall discuss some of these models which have been available in the past, […]

18 Jan 19
Model Railways 4 U

This a rundown of my favourite model railway locomotives of all time. I have included models from Hornby, Tri-ang and Airfix in this list. This is not a definitive list by any means, it is an eclectic mix of the models which have had the biggest impact on me throughout my time in the hobby. […]

18 Jan 19
DT Collectable Toys

Vintage Doctor Who Mel, the last companion of the 6th Doctor and first companion of the 7th Dapol 1987 Action Figure Mint on Card, Never been opened The card is in fair condition with edge wear, creasing and a tear to the punch hole The bubble is also in fair condition, there is no lifting […]

10 Jan 19
Off The Beaten Track

     The plan was simple, cover the card scenic foundation with plaster bandage, and allow it to dry out over Christmas. However I hadn’t factored in a viral infection, which not only put paid to any modelling, but Christmas and the New Year as well. At the moment the track work is currently protected […]

07 Jan 19

Hornby have today announced their full range for 2019.  The highlights  from a Southern Railway perspective being the brand new tooled ex LBSC A1 / A1x 0-6-0T “Terrier” (in direct competition with the announcement earlier this year of the Rails of Sheffied / Dapol version) Bulleid 1945 built 59ft ‘shortie’ coaching stock, Diagrams 2316 and… […]

03 Jan 19
Wontonget Model Railway

Hope you all had a good festive time and had loads of fun with the family. Started a few projects, didn’t think I had enough on the go at the mo…….found out a few interesting bits of info too which I shall share with you, firstly, Dapol, what is in your heads there, the people […]

28 Dec 18

In my earlier ramblings about continuous layouts, I missed out one excellent example, and a concept for such designs.  Chris Morris’ Little Aller is based on Aller Junction in Devon in the early sixties.  The area of the layout is 84″ by 40″. (Photos from N Gauge Forum.)   The interesting feature of this lovely […]

13 Dec 18

This month’s meeting was an opportunity to see the physical progress of the layout that Alan and Keith have talked about and is now beginning to materialise. Our meeting venue was a chance to set out the baseboards on the flat surface of the church hall, and to finalise accurate measurements for the completion of […]

11 Dec 18
Kelvins Railway Models

Here are the first two of four Dapol London Transport Tanks. I have re-worked them, renumbered them and removed the Vacuum and Steam pipes. I have to weather them quite heavily and thought I would show a before and after scenario. These will run on the Grub Lane layout.

30 Nov 18
The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

Remember that time I thought I had ages to build a layout for the MRJ Cameo Competition? When I loosely said I expected the layout to be ready in the first quarter of 2019 it seemed pretty distant, as we are now knocking on the door of December it’s suddenly starting to creep up a […]