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16 Jun 19
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<p type = "text" content = "The finals ended only a few days ago, but we have already defeated a trade address Anthony Davis for the Lakers… and NBA draft is less than a week away. We'll talk about the draft picking of each team (if any), whether they might be targeting, trade rumors, work […]

16 Jun 19
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A greedy carer was arrested on the camera eating a pensioner dinner in front of the victim without assistance and leaving her hungry. Joan Barnett's 58 footage shows the food of vulnerable residents in a Liverpool care home where she worked and licking her lips after eating the food. According to Liverpool Echo, Liverpool Crown […]

15 Jun 19
Under A Gaslit Lamp

Earlier this week Aston Villa announced that Mark Harrison would be taking over at the club as Academy Manager – but what can fans expect? Words by Simon Lines Aston Villa announced this week that Mark Harrison has joined the club as the new Academy Manager. Harrison joins Aston Villa from West Bromwich Albion, where […]

14 Jun 19

“I used to think living on a tropical island was a pipe dream. But I did it. And it wasn’t in my plan at all.” Janine Hall was a burnt-out corporate executive when she made her first trip to Bali, desperately seeking an exit strategy not just from her job but her whole way of […]

13 Jun 19
NZ Poetry Shelf

    My bookshelves are like an autobiography because books, like albums, flag key points in my life. To pick only three poetry books that have mattered at different points in your life is a tall order but these poets have sent me chasing collectons and composing my own list. Featured poets: Fiona Kidman, Joan […]

13 Jun 19
The Green Market Agorist

America’s endless Middle Eastern wars have become politically sustainable as a result of millions of dollars in donations to virulent hate-groups with strong deep state ties from establishment foundations. By Thomas R. Eddlem Americans increasingly view Muslims as a threat to their security, especially Republicans.  According to a Pew Charitable Forum survey in 2017, 65 percent of […]

13 Jun 19
Russia News Now

Americans increasingly view Muslims as a threat to their security, especially Republicans.  According to a Pew Charitable Forum survey in 2017, 65 percent of Republicans believe there is a “natural conflict between Islam and democracy.” Amusingly, 56 percent of Americans polled by CivicScience in 2019 said American students should not be required to learn Arabic […]

12 Jun 19
Public Intelligence Blog

13 American Gray Swans – Week 23 – Boiling the Frog I think by now most Americans know the metaphor of Boiling the Frog. It goes, if you throw a frog into a pan of boiling water it immediately jumps out to save its life, but if you put the frog in normal water and […]

11 Jun 19

Sydney v West Coast And this, fiends and enemas, is why footy followers of all persuasion should stay true to their team, come what may. After several ‘gallant losses’ – a term that can stick in the craw somewhat, but a lot better than ‘belted senseless’ – in their previous two outings, to teams currently […]

07 Jun 19
Jefferson County Daily News

Divorces filed May 30: Shannon Alax Hess and Drake Hunter Hess both of Mt. Vernon Kenneth Wayne McKinney and Stacey Deeann McKinney both of Mt. Vernon May 31: Matthew Higbea and Ashley Higbea Divorces granted May 30: Shannon Alax Hess and Drake Hunter Hess both of Mt. Vernon and Reva Palmer of Mt. Vernon and […]

07 Jun 19
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This article is part of the David Leonhardt newsletter. You can Register here to receive it every weekday. A poll from Quinnipiac University among Texas voters received some attention this week as President Trump turned out to be virtually connected to every major democratic presidential candidate in the state. If Trump struggles to win Texas […]

07 Jun 19
Vague Visages • Wave Faces

“With his concern for the outsider, and his reorienting of the West’s perception in the American mind, Peckinpah helped to birth the Acid Western.”