10 Dec 18

A project for my current internship with the Ramp School of Ministry.

08 Dec 18

Prošlo je skoro devet meseci od kako nas je prerano napustio kapiten Fiorentine Davide Astori. On je početkom marta preminuo od posledica srčanog udara u karantinu u Udinama pred meč Serije A između Udinezea i Fiorentine. Povodom iznenadne smrti kapitena Fiorentine danas se oglasio i golman Torina i njegov bivši saigrač Salvatore Sirigu. “Poznavao sam […]

07 Dec 18
The Chocolate Lady's Book Review Blog

  Book Review of Temptation Rag: A Novel by Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard. Back in the late 19th century in America, the latest rage was ragtime music. While the first name that might come to mind for us today is Scott Joplin, the origins of this musical genre predated him by quite a bit. In the […]

07 Dec 18
National Post

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Maci Morris scored 29 points and made five 3-pointers Thursday night to help No. 19 Kentucky stay undefeated with a 75-52 win over Rhode Island. The Wildcats (9-0) pulled away with a 29-point third quarter that included a 19-2 run. Kentucky ended the period with a 59-35 lead and led by at […]

07 Dec 18

Maci Morris scored 29 points and made five 3-pointers to help No. 19 Kentucky stay undefeated with a 75-52 win over Rhode Island

06 Dec 18
Sport za poneti

Fudbaleri Mančester Junajteda i Arsenala odigrali su nerešeno, 2:2, u derbiju 15. kola engleske Premijer Lige odigranom na stadionu Old Traford.  Arsenal je poveo u 26. minutu preko Mustafija, a nakon kiksa golmana domaćina, Davida de Hee. Junajted je izjednačio 4 minuta kasnije golom Antonija Marsijala.  Sredinom drugog poluvremena, tempo utakmice je pojačan. Lakazet je […]

06 Dec 18
Ames Production

Mind set of a billionaire; Building an Empire: The Distribution Company That Turned Music Streaming Pennies Into Profit Ames High Production introducing Simmonne aka Charlie Martin Prior Blog & streaming sites positioning themselves as the go-to place for fans to consume their favorite album, musicians without major label backing had two ways of distributing their music to […]

05 Dec 18

Plane is boarding soon. Here are some woodland flora elements that I’ve drawn during my layover. 

04 Dec 18

An incredible lo-fi synth pop band from San Francisco, Part Time just celebrated the highly-anticipated release of their new album, Spell #6, with an unforgettable performance at the Hi Hat! Starting the night off was Rumblepak, a darkwave post-punk band from Los Angeles who absolutely dominated the stage with their moody tunes and undeniable charisma. […]