11 Dec 18

By: MAYDHA KUMAR Wouldn’t it be nice to have windows in classrooms? Sometimes we might just miss windows and not understand why. The addition of windows has been proven to have secret underlying benefits. In 2020 any schools that will be built should incorporate windows into the design due to health benefits, improved test scores […]

10 Dec 18
Amee's Language Babbles

Welcome back dear readers! I truly hope you’re all enjoying my comedic titles because they’re not stopping…….ever…. Anyway onto today’s blog! Today we shall be looking at Intercultural Communicative Competence, or just ICC if you’re in a hurry. What it is, is it good or bad, and what benefits it has to the average language […]

10 Dec 18
Sean's Blog

Guess who’s back!! Welcome back to this weeks blog post. This week the theme of my blog is all about ICC, aka Intercultural Communicative Competence. ICC is the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in various cultural contexts. There are numerous components of ICC. Some key components include motivation, self- and other knowledge, and tolerance […]

10 Dec 18
Fake News Final

Gurpinder Mann December 8, 2018 What did you discover about the significance of resilience and communication as it relates to the final project topic? Moreover, what specific role did the community partner play in assisting your research efforts? Intercultural Competencies/Resilience     What is Intercultural Competencies? Well Blacks Law Dictionary does not really have a […]

10 Dec 18

A new interesting article has been published in New Dir Stud Leadersh. 2018 Dec;2018(160):41-51. doi: 10.1002/yd.20309. and titled: Exploring the Significance of Culture in Leadership. Authors of this article are: Deardorff DK,. A summary of the article is shown below: Culture matters-especially in leadership in the twenty-first century. This chapter explores the context and frameworks […]

07 Dec 18
EM Spanish History Notes

I am getting to this belatedly, but: congratulations to Max Deardorff and Fabien Montcher! Deardorff won the Best Early Career Article Prize for “The Ties That Bind: Intermarriage between Moriscos and Old Christians in Early Modern Spain, 1526-1614″ Journal of Family History 42/3 (2017). Moncher won the Marques Prize for “Politics, Scholarship, and the Iberian […]

07 Dec 18
Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching Blog

The following post was written by Fabienne Vailes, the Language Director for French and holder of a University Teaching Fellowship.  There were the Millennials (Generation Y – born in the 1980s and 1990s), children of Baby Boomers and now Generation Z or Gen Z. Gen Z  have been the source of a lot of debate […]

01 Dec 18
Johnson Publishing Company: Resilient Counter-Narratives of Black America

Annonces, Vieilles. Vintage Ad for Chesterfield Cigarettes – Ebony Magazine June, 1948. 2008. Flickr, Accessed 10 Dec., 2018. Brown, DeNeen L. “Emmett Till’s mother opened his casket and sparked the civil rights movement.” The Washington Post, 12 July, 2018., Accessed 9 December, 2018. Berger, Maurice. “Black Soldiers: Fighting America’s Enemies Abroad and Racism […]

06 Dec 18
Johnson Publishing Company: Resilient Counter-Narratives of Black America

When Johnson Publishing distributed the first Ebony Magazine issue in November 1945, it sold 50,000 copies ( However, this Ebony editorial lacked a common feature of other magazines: advertisements. During an interview with Chicago Tribune’s Julie Deardorff in 1995, Johnson explained that advertisements would not appear in Ebony until the company established a circulation of 100,000 […]

05 Dec 18

[ooyala player_id=”b4e1f6aa8f3147189a3fe75aa0a86854″ auto=”true” width=”1920″ height=”1080″ pcode=”YzYjUyOnsWvNjLI0vbZPZLeDfuS9″ code=”1wdmlzZzE6vvJzpoTGeIt0MWxRg1uyiT”] YORK, Pa. — Fire crews received a call at 3:50 Wednesday morning for a reported medical emergency on the 700 block of Pershing Avenue. Deputy Fire Chief Chad Deardorff of the York City Fire Department said when they arrived, they found multiple people unconscious. “We’re very fortunate we […]

29 Nov 18
Jessica Makes Suggestions

France was the big finish to the Grand Prix series, the final stage, the decision maker. And it was a pretty exciting one! Going in, I thought first and second looked pretty locked up, with James/Cipres first and Boikova/Kozlovskii second, and otherwise it could be one of three rounding out the podium: Ryom/Kim, Hase/Seegert or […]

19 Nov 18
Meg's Online Learning Journal

The first reading for this week examined socialization, internalization, and acculturation in a bidirectional manner where parents their influence children and children influence their parents (Kuczynski & Navara, 2006). When families immigrate and begin living amongst a new culture they take on a form of acculturation. Research shows that the most successful form of acculturation […]

18 Nov 18
PlugInCaroo... Karo plugin... abhi!... save the environment!!!

Aerial Agriculture LLC, a startup company launched by Purdue University students, aims to revolutionize the agricultural industry by building drones in-house to capture multispectral images of entire crop fields. This technology could allow farmers to reduce excess fertilizer and input costs while simultaneously increasing yields. Aerial Agriculture uses specialized cameras to convert images into valuable […]

16 Nov 18

Deardorff 8×10 To 4×5 Graflok Sliding Back – Buy – Deardorff 8×10 To 4×5 Graflok Sliding Back

12 Nov 18

God says I died with Christ and that I no longer live (Gal.2:20). That means when Jesus died on the cross He didn’t die by Himself for me or instead of me (Rom. 6:6). He had become me, identifying with my old self so that His death could change my life whether I knew it […]

10 Nov 18

LINK FULL DOWNLOAD : This is completed downloadable of Solution Manual for American Democracy Now 3rd Edition by Brigid Harrison, Jean Harris, Michelle Deardorff Instant download Solution Manual for American Democracy Now 3rd Edition by Brigid Harrison, Jean Harris, Michelle Deardorff after payment Product Descriptions: Increase student performance, student engagement, and critical analysis skills with the third […]