17 Feb 19
Gazette of Gor

Gor has become rotten. The culture of our game has been spoiled, people are leaving the game in droves. Sims are closing up or changing to some other theme. Sims that remain are often empty. We can blame this on metered combat. In many ways A change is needed. Tell me, who REALLY reads the […]

16 Feb 19
Notes on Notes

Listen in as Notes on Notes’ writers Danielle, Mina, Allesandro, Anthony, and Julia gather ’round the table to discuss Deerhunters’s new album, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared!

16 Feb 19
Business Management

Plus: Deerhunter, James Blake, Rivers of Nihil, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, 108’s NYC show openers, and more tour-related news. Continue reading… tours announced: Courtney Marie Andrews, MARINA, Murray Lightburn, more published first on

14 Feb 19
Consequence of Sound

Music shares a stage with Warhol and Van Gogh as the festival season officially starts.

14 Feb 19
Wired Wrong

This is a piece largely based on ignorance. My Ignorance. But don’t break away just yet. Because I’m here to tell you about a razor-sharp post-punk/dream pop/noise-pop band from San Jose, Costa Rica called Dylan Thomas. (A period at the end of “Thomas” is part of the name). If you google them you will likely […]

11 Feb 19
Records You Should Hear

    Formed initially in 1978, and with a liking for Talking Heads, these guys produced an early-80s American punk funk sound in the vein of Liquid Liquid, Bush Tetras, ESG, Konk, and others, which you could actually dance to. This propulsive, angular, but rhythmic, sound was in stark contrast to the unstructured dissonance of […]

11 Feb 19
Tales from the mind of Kristian

If you’ve read one of my previous posts, you’ll know that I am having a few health issues at the moment. I have been experiencing random swellings, that can flare up without rhyme or reason. I have been told by a medical expert that I trust, to take antihistamines and to keep calm. So, […]