25 Apr 19
For The Rabbits

We Say… Quickly becoming one of the year’s break-out new voices, Toronto-based songwriter Dana Gavanski has been operating in the fringes of the folk scene since her 2017 EP, Spring Demos, which came out on Fox Food Records. Now signed to Full Time Hobby, Dana looks destined for great things, yet it could all have […]

22 Apr 19
Big Blue Tunes

Grayson Jenkins joined Matt Wickstrom this week for episode 65 of Wick’s Picks on Lexington Community Radio.

21 Apr 19
Haunted Jukebox

A standout year for new music—I know, every year produces its share, but 2015 was for me another 1992 or 2004. That I wrote about three albums from this year (the most for a single year in a decade) speaks to it, along with all the great ones I didn’t include: Edge of The Sun, […]

17 Apr 19

This Friday sees the return of Brixton Easter weekend staple Bad Friday, promoted by Sonic Tonic at The Windmill.  Ahead of the event, Brighton quartet Breathe Panel, who are amongst the eight acts that will be performing, shared their thoughts with festival organiser Neil Walsh. We read somewhere that the band name was chosen after […]

17 Apr 19

During my past travels, the South by Southwest (SXSW) experience was recommended by many.  I am glad I took their advice.  What a great time!  I would describe it as “Total Chaos, Yet Totally Perfect”. I am doing two posts on SXSW.  The first highlights my experience and the second is my take on a […]

17 Apr 19

Netnaturshop har samlet oversigt over produkter, som shoppen finder særlig velegnet til bukkejagt og den livsstil, der er knyttet til den populære jagtform, hvor naturen og livet opleves særlig stærk

16 Apr 19
This Is Chill and The Daily Chill

Atlanta’s Deerhunter just finished a leg of touring that ended at the Stopover Music Festival in Savannah. Supporting their eighth studio album “Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?”, the indie band who has experimented with and recorded a medley of dream pop, shoegaze, psychedelic and post rock songs will be touring again in late April.  More details […]

15 Apr 19
My (life in) music lists

I guess it was just a matter of time before playlists became a thing on this blog. The only surprise to me is that it took me this long to break down and post a Spotify playlist to these pages. And I’m already imagining this won’t be the last. Hence, the “part one” adjunct at […]

14 Apr 19
Big Blue Tunes

West Virginia Appalachian rockers Ona have dropped “Young Forever,” the second single from their upcoming album “Full Moon, Heavy Light.”

12 Apr 19
Immersive Atlanta | Atlanta Music, Arts and Culture

Listen to the group’s new banger “Delicacy.”