03 Oct 18
Barbel Crazy

I usually associate September with heavy rain, muddy banks, lobworms and breaking out the waterproofs to find the mice have been at them, but this year the early Autumn has stayed largely dry in the North West. I love Autumn barbel fishing and embrace the twin challenges of increasing water flow and falling temperatures, but so far the […]

21 Sep 18
Wood Torrent

Genres/Tags: Sports, Angling, 3D Company: Dovetail Games Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI7 Original Size: 14.5 GB Repack Size: 8.2 GB [Torrent Download] Repack by: FitGirl Support the Dev. BUY THIS GAME! ABOUT THIS GAME Fishing Sim World is the most authentic fishing simulator ever made, taking you around the world on an angling journey like no other. Feel the adrenaline rush of landing trophy […]

18 Sep 18

Fishing Sim World is the most authentic fishing simulator ever made and is going to take you on an angling journey like no other. Feel the adrenaline rush of landing trophy sized largemouth bass and the thrill of fighting huge carp and monster pike as perfectly combined realistic game physics and accurate fish AI create […]

09 Aug 18
an anglers diary

The last couple of seasons I have dabbled at trying catch a catfish of a respectable size by design.  The two out of the trent were great but they weren’t that big and I fluked them both when out Zander fishing.  Not that i’m complaining, far from it.  It’s because of those two fish that […]

31 Jul 18
Barbel Crazy

July blog Up here in Gods country, on the rare occasion the sun manages to peer through the clouds of smog and soot belching from the mill chimneys, you sometimes hear the phrase ‘cracking the flags’ used to describe the sweltering conditions. Well, never has a phrase seemed more apt that July 2018 as the country […]

26 Jul 18
UK Carp & Coarse Fishing

With the weather hotting up over the weekend, I hadn’t planned to go fishing.  However, with a breeze picking up and if I could find a shady swim, it would be worth a go.  I may even get more sleep than at home! Swim choice was made easy.  I was clearly not going back to […]

25 Jul 18
Cornish Carper

Another overnight session taken and another very memorable one indeed. If time is against you, sometimes you just have to think outside the box and utilise the time you have to the best of your ability. This is something that I have to do on a regular basis due to work and family commitments but […]

17 Jul 18
American Carp Fishing

In the Beginning… I have fished the Potomac River in Maryland, USA ever since I was big enough to hold a fishing rod (over 25 years ago). My father, an avid outdoorsman, would often take us kids on fishing or hunting vacations. Sometimes we would just travel down to the riverside on weekends just to […]

22 Jan 18
The fish don't know

I mentioned in my first post of the year  that I would be concentrating on my Carp fishing this year with the aim of bagging my first 20lb fish. Now being the sort of bloke who likes to do things properly (or at least I like to think I’m the sort of bloke who likes to […]

16 Jan 18
The fish don't know

Over the course of the last year and a half I’ve managed to acquire a fair bit of tackle and other fishing kit – gifts from relatives, hand me downs from wives of departed anglers, the odd eBay purchase – that kind of thing. One ‘donation’ in particular was particularly generous. A client for whom […]

12 Jan 18
Carpy Chronicles
31 Dec 17
UK Carp & Coarse Fishing

This is it, my last trip of 2017 – I just had to have another go before the year is out.  Clear the mind before the New Year starts.  As the mild weather is still about, I was off down the lake for one last go after the carp.  There is a weather front moving […]

21 Dec 17
Fishing tales with Finn and Jamie

In the first blog we covered basic match fishing, but what if you want to start carp fishing, well that’s a new set of kit for the most part. Again well cover the basics and I’ll point you in the right direction in terms of the sort of kit that you should look at, but […]

02 Oct 17
Barbel Crazy

      September heralds a real change in the seasons as Autumn kicks in. All barbel anglers, including myself,  love this time of year as damp, mild weather arrives, coinciding with the Barbel fattening themselves up for the rigours of the winter ahead. Hungry fish should be easier to catch…in theory! Currently the water […]