Dental Syringe

17 Jun 19
Dental Sleep Master

I just got insurance back and went in to my first RCT appointment in which the doctor removed a faulty filling and removed the cavity to the nerve on last left molar, tooth 18 (he was unsure if I needed RCT until this appointment). Intense pain, extra shot, waiting, still pain etc. Pain as he […]

16 Jun 19
Dental Sleep Master

No pictures, since my camera sucks too much to get any detail in from inside the wound. The outside of the wound is clean (a bit inflamed/swollen) but nothing else. Sorry for the poor title, but im not sure what else to make of it. I went to the dentist with a case of Perecoronitis […]

15 Jun 19
Stabroek News

Director of Regional and Clinical Services Dr Kay Shako today denied that there is a shortage of drugs and human resources at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre on the East Bank. “There is no critical drug shortage. Presently there are six (items): calamine lotion, unsterile gloves, sterile gloves, salbutamol inhaler, beclomethasone inhaler and insulin syringe which […]

14 Jun 19
Market Resolutions

The transmission of dental infections has aroused concern from health care workers and general public in the last few decades. The general route for the transmission of dental infections involves direct contact with infected body fluids such as saliva or blood, direct contact with lesion, tissue debris during intraoral procedures, including inoculation injury such as […]

14 Jun 19
A Few Moments

Dentists use different kinds of tools to complete the processes for their patients. It may be somewhat scary seeing all those tools, which are laid out in the dental office. Each of those tools has a specific purpose in dental practice. Want to know about some of those basic and essential instruments in dentistry? Here […]

12 Jun 19
The Quiet Crisis Next Door

As I have briefly (for me, anyway) discussed before, dental visits and procedures are a bit different for Tony than your average kiddo. Portions of the exam and visit routinely handled without anesthetics or sedation absolutely require either of those for him to accomplish them at this time…for our son, his sensory differences, anxiety, ability […]

12 Jun 19
My Dental Stock

Dentists use a variety of dental equipment. Dental mirrors allow dentists to see the backs of patients’ teeth and those teeth normally hidden by the cheeks. They use probes to explore suspicious areas or to remove debris. Dentists use files and rasps to smooth bones or perform root canals. Mouth mirror This will almost certainly […]

12 Jun 19

Dental Syringe Market report would help stakeholders better understand their competitors and gain more insights to enhance their position in the market. The competitive landscape section includes competitor ecosystem, and product developments in the Dental Syringe market. The report offers detailed coverage of Dental Syringe industry and main market trends. The market research includes historical […]

11 Jun 19
Business Industry Reports has another report on “Global Dental Infection Control Products Market 2019”. The report has been prepared subject to the mix, examination, and interpretation of information about the global Dental Infection Control Products market accumulated from explicit sources. Association chart, money related audit, thing portfolio, new pursuit moved, late improvement examination are the parameters fused into […]

10 Jun 19

Here is another collection of the articles I have found interesting in my reading from the last month or so. For this edition of the Research Roundup we have status epilepticus, nocebos, the pink lady, McGyver bias, and so much more. Podcast version over on BroomeDocs.

08 Jun 19
The Purple Jacket

We welcome back guest writer June Duncan to The Purple Jacket.