11 Jul 19

Lac The Pt presents with an acute *** laceration of the *** without evidence of open fracture, tendon/ligament laceration, neurovascular compromise, retained foreign body, or superimposed infxn. – Bedside washout + closure– Tetanus***– XR: *** The Pt presents with an acute _ laceration of the _ without evidence of open fracture, tendon/ligament laceration, neurovascular compromise, […]

01 Jul 19

I am so glad that the month of June is over.  Surgery for me, and then hubby, was no fun. His bandages are now off, and he only has the Dermabond that is sterile, to protect the wound.  It will naturally fall off in 7 to 10 days from the date of the surgery. Now […]

18 Jun 19
Chemical 2 Energy Newz

2-Octyl cyanoacrylate adhesives are super strong adhesives which are categorized as wound glue or tissue glue. Cyanoacrylate is the generic name of a family of super strong glues that are capable of joining any type of surfaces instantly. Cyanoacrylate based adhesives are extensively used in many applications including industrial, medical and domestic applications. 2-Octyl cyanoacrylate […]

10 Jun 19
Custom Essay Writers

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29 May 19
PRS Resident Chronicles

by Alicia Billington, MD, PhD (@MedicalAdvocacy), and Alexandra Girardot, DO July 1st is a date etched into the minds of every hospital staff member across the nation. This is the date new physicians don their fresh, long white coats for the first time and enter the hospital as interns. For senior residents this date signals […]

08 May 19
Jeremy L. Mays

With all young children come injuries.  Sometimes they are the little bumps and bruises resulting  from a simple trip and fall that can be cured with a quick peck to the offended area and an “all better”.  Other times, they are a little more drastic and hospital visits with stitches or casts maybe in order. […]

12 Apr 19

My health has not been great since 10th grade when I passed out at a hall meeting. I saw nine different doctors, missed six weeks of school, and learned pretty much nothing about my health. I did have an enlightening CAT scan and a test to monitor my brain waves. We found out that the […]

03 Apr 19
Emotional Chaos Builds Character???

I feel quite well.  I do.  I have no pain.  The Dermabond has fallen off and my incisions are healing quite nicely.  I am able to move without discomfort or limitations…but I don’t. This could very well be the sort of feeling that makes me overdo everything, but the wisdom (what little I have of […]

01 Apr 19
Just Kept Walking

It rained all last Monday night and I was curious as to whether or not Tuesday weather would lend itself to walking.  As it turned out, the space between rain drops was large, so Sally and I “suited up” and trekked on down to Sailor Bar.  Because it had been raining, very few folks were […]

31 Mar 19
Navelgazing Writer

What’s it like to laugh through surgery?!?

28 Mar 19
Nachrichten Welt

[ad_1] Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Roach, Ich bin eine 74-jährige Frau und möchte in einem der örtlichen Krankenhäuser freiwillig arbeiten. Meine Blutuntersuchung ergab, dass ich eine Immunität gegen Masern, Deutsche Masern und Windpocken habe, nicht jedoch gegen Mumps. Mein persönlicher Arzt glaubt, dass es klug wäre, die MMR-Impfung zu erhalten, und dass die Vorteile die […]

28 Mar 19
News Archives Uk

Dear Doctor. Roach, I am a 74-year-old woman and would like to volunteer at one of the local hospitals. My blood test showed that I have immunity to measles, German measles and chickenpox, but not to mumps. My personal doctor believes it would be wise to get the MMR vaccine and that the benefits outweigh […]

21 Mar 19
Don't forget to use the good china

Having a chemotherapy port (also called a port-a-cath) means living with a little plastic box stuck inside your chest just below your collarbone, with a catheter that goes almost all the way into your heart. Sometimes you forget it’s there, and other times it’s really bothersome. Mine pinches when I try to sleep on that […]