Design Lab Lord

21 May 19

I’m sure we’ve all wondered what famous faces have braced our university corridors before us and what were there experiences like. Unifresher can exclusively reveal some of the surprising celebrity faces that went to your universities. These alumni’s have gone on to do some incredible things and it all started at your universities, just shows […]

21 May 19
Artificial Lawyer

On the 17 June, you’ll get the rare opportunity to attend an event on access to justice at DLA Piper’s offices in London and see both Richard Susskind and Dan Katz speak on the same day. You’ll also get a chance to see Dan Linna and Margaret Hagen at this global event that has drawn top speakers on technology […]

21 May 19
The Late Night Session

For my next Pathfinder character I’ve created Falken who is one that made the transition from my Lost Lands game (Razor Coast) to my Serpent’s Skull campaign. He is a jaunty pirate who is good with his fists and his ability to escape from prison. I based him loosely on both the Dread Pirate Roberts […]

20 May 19
GWP Addict

This week Neiman Marcus is having a Trending Beauty Event. Spend $125 on beauty and you will receive a free ten piece gift (pictured top left; a smoky clear pouch plus nine samples); plus they have over 70 Gifts with Purchase and deluxe sample offers currently available that you can combine with this! All free […]

17 May 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 05/17/2019 Best Rate on05/16/2019 Aldo Shoes 5 (3) mi./$ 3 mi./$ Best Rate History Everywhere Chair 1.5 mi./$ Best Rate History Gilt Groupe 1 mi./$ Best Rate History Kate Spade 5 (3) mi./$ 3.5 mi./$ Best Rate History Stage Stores Up to 2.5 mi./$ 2 mi./$ Best Rate […]

16 May 19
The Areté Review

by Alfred Guilfoil Philosophers, scientists, theologians and other great minds have historically grappled with human nature and our relationship to and uniqueness among species.  Charles Darwin argued that instincts were responsible for all behaviors in the animal kingdom while also giving rise to the primal aspects of human nature (Hauser).  On the other hand, morality […]

14 May 19
The Tale of Common Things

When news broke out about King Luigi’s death across the vast nation of Omelia, things went south in an instant, like fireworks going off at New Year’s Eve. The aristocrats were horrified. The opportunists were elated. The residents and the activists rejoiced. It was thus the beginning of an interregnum and they were witnessing it […]

14 May 19
Get pleasure from who plays fortnite site

Best Gaming Blogs From India We've as soon as once again teamed up with our friends at Dire Wolf Digital Studios to bring this extraordinary game to your gaming table. In addition to that, I have technical challenges with acquiring the game to run on my computer systems so it really is unplayable for now. […]

13 May 19
Haley Brown

In the family of the children of God, we look to the One seated at the right hand to be our example of life. Beautiful Spirit, loving soul. A Holy God, perfectly just in ending us in payment for our transgressions. Instead, His Son paid off our debt in His infinite love and mercy. How […]

12 May 19
baltimore food and fun

Tired of this icky rainy weather. Hopefully it clears up for all the awesome activities happening this week. It’s outside drinking season! On Friday I’m going to see the opening of Queens Girl in Africa at Everyman Theatre. Its the continuation of Queens Girl in the World, which I saw last Friday and it WAS AMAZING! Make sure […]

12 May 19
Interconnected Learning

Introduction:             Technology has become a cornerstone of society and education over the past three decades.  The amount and the capabilities of devices has continued to expand, allowing for technology to become more accessible and more useful for people of all ages.  Since 2013, subscribers to educational channels like Khan Academy, Youtube, and Ted-Ed has […]

12 May 19
This Ȼ Life

So another four months have blinked by and I am suddenly thinking that a year has almost gone since I first arrived in Okinawa. Now I thought is a good time to reflect on all that has happened last term. The second term was very busy for me; I started a new lab rotation, took […]

11 May 19
Dark Aeons

  <Sascha> is sitting on the steps, dressed in a long black dress that would brush the ground as she walked, were she standing. The sleeves cover to her hands as well, leaving only her hands and face exposed. Around her neck the dressed is designed to look like the collar of a Catholic Priest. […]