19 Apr 19
Tales of a Mountain Mama

Our team has carefully compiled a list of products that (hint, hint, we would REALLY like to receive for Mother’s Day…you know, besides breakfast in bed and a solo hike!) Mamas, bookmark this and pass it on to the people who may be inclined to spoil you. We are certain they’ll appreciate some concrete ideas! […]

17 Apr 19
Growing Up with Jacob

A couple Rosh Chodesh’s ago, Jesus told me to read the Bible from start to end! He said to do it in one year. I started to do it one day while my mom was working on her business. I started at Genesis 1:1, and I liked it. It took me a couple days before […]

16 Apr 19
Latest Trending Market Research Reports

Avalanche airbags are safety gear designed to prevent the wearer from being buried while skiing and mountaineering. In an avalanche, larger objects rise to the surface, while smaller objects sink to the bottom. An airbag system incorporated into a backpack, with a large balloon or balloons that inflates at the pull of a cord, is […]

16 Apr 19
Tales of a Mountain Mama

If you plan to do some serious hiking and need ample storage, the Osprey Poco AG is a burly pack that will go the distance with you. Looking at an older version? Check out our review of the Osprey Poco Plus here. Looking for a kid carrier pack is hard.  There are so many options […]

15 Apr 19
the boardmad magazine

This wee’s round-up of bikes, kit and tech that are out with our team of testers at the moment, with full reviews coming soon… Read more… Powered by WPeMatico

15 Apr 19
Ryan Shockey Davis

When the first explorers discovered the glacier covered archipelago about 1,000 miles above Norway called Svalbard, the land probably appeared slowly from the grey arctic backdrop, imposing mountains silhouetted like a Lovecraftian alien planet. For me, Svalbard came suddenly into view from an ever-lightening night sky as my plane traveled further North. The dark of […]

15 Apr 19
for the love of climbing

The thing you should know about eating disorders is that they don’t really discriminate. Eating disorders affect all races and ethnic groups (not excluding men). They also have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness—of around ten percent. This episode is about eating disorders, body positivity, and just owning your shit, specifically through the […]

14 Apr 19

theguardian  Gold standard: Deuter’s factory in Vietnam. Deuter is an outdoor wear company that has dealt with excessive overtime (a major trigger for harassment and abuse) and is an example of good practice and how brands can influence change. Photograph: Deute Female factory workers producing clothing and shoes in Vietnam – many probably for major US and […]

13 Apr 19
Courtney Marie 123

The Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier resolved my concerns as a new mom wanting to go for a hike and explore my favorite places I once had before I needed to hike for two. Deuter vs. Osprey Normally, I would elect a heavy-duty jogging stroller but the trails that I hike are not always flat […]

12 Apr 19

Johnny Depp’s alleged physical and psychological abuse against former wife Amber Heard has been public knowledge for years, dating back to their divorce in May of 2016 when Heard subsequently got a restraining order against Depp. Grisly details of the volatile marriage, details of which have previously not been made public due to the pair’s […]

12 Apr 19

“Violent” Johnny Depp became “the Monster” on drugs and booze, then beat, strangled and tormented his then-wife Amber Heard , she alleges in a new, harrowing court filing. Heard, who was married to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star for just over a year until she filed for divorce in May 2016, claims in horrific […]