09 Dec 18
That Good Hair

Christmas is nearly here so it’s time to do do your last minute shopping before its to late. Here are some ideas for the curly girl or boy, (or even yourself) this year. Click here now to read more…

07 Dec 18
Hannah Graham

Hello and Happy Holidays to you! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and i’m so excited to be able to share it with you all. I’ve already broken out my Christmas sweaters (and Kota’s too), my tree is out and the Christmas lights are hung! You can also be assured my ears will be filled […]

06 Dec 18
Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine

How I Discovered I Had Natural Curl | How To Hey guys! I am SO excited about this tutorial! I have done so much research and have been doing this style for months with trial and error and I finally got it just how I like it and wanted to share my steps with you […]

06 Dec 18
Megan Marie

Here it is! My glorious return to favourites! A monthly favourites is a classic post for any blogger or youtuber and I will always love them. They’re fun and I like seeing the things that people have been loving. I haven’t done one of these in a long time but I am back and full […]

06 Dec 18

Well, in prior posts, I’ve shared my desire to achieve a certain look. I’ve even offered the steps involved. Well, I’m constantly evolving. I’ve now grow tired with the one-dimensional dark brown shade I dyed it. Further the roots are fading for the most part, adding a reddish hue.  I came across a picture of […]

05 Dec 18
Dating, Breaking News, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC

Red is a tricky color when it comes to dying your hair. Depending on the current color and porosity it can be a difficult color to transition into, and can often take time. All of this is beside the fact in the past it has been an extreme change, and not everyone wants Ariel or […]

05 Dec 18
Taking the Tee

I get bored with my hair, so it’s not uncommon for me to pop up with a new color or some braids, or just a blown out fro. But last week I finally gave my hair what it needed…a big chop. I got a Devacut, which is a dry haircut meant to accentuate your hair’s […]

04 Dec 18

  Hi everyone! Part of this blog is meant to help those with their natural hair. There are a thousand different types of curls that are hard to put into real “types” but we have them to help guide the type of curl (even though this doesn’t always correlate to texture or manageability). It goes […]

04 Dec 18
Curl on a Mission

If you have a curly girl in your life, skip the scented candles or predictable perfume this holiday season and give her something that will really excite her – curly hair products!  There are countless curly hair products to choose from these days, and several dozen of them could be considered must-haves. I’ve done my […]

01 Dec 18

Instead of an end of the month book review post, this will be an end of the month post to address some miscellany. I read/skimmed a series that I’ll (broadly) review for you. I have some thoughts about beauty shopping this time of year and some suggestions for sets worth buying. And I wanted to share some thoughts about what I’m planning to read in December.

30 Nov 18

Schaeffler previously served as the general manager of Henkel Professional North America, working on hair-care brands Sexy Hair and Kenra Professional.

29 Nov 18

Get the details on Angela Simmons product recommendations as well as our must-have picks to keep your natural hair and scalp nourished while protective styling.

29 Nov 18
IndiaImani's Hair Tips 101

Refinery29 Refinery29 is a very unique blog because it not only talks about hair but they have blogs on health and wellness, style, entertainment, food and more. They have a discover tab where they have stories on many different topics including the ones I listed above. There is a section where you can watch beauty videos […]

29 Nov 18
All Things A1

As a new curly girl, I feel so accomplished and empowered. You ask why? Well because my no-heat mission to restoring my curls anniversary is on December 31st. On that day last year, I took a vow to dedicate time to learning my curls, and giving them love and attention. While my curls have come […]

27 Nov 18
The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

DevaCurl has attained cult status among those of us with hair that falls somewhere on the spectrum of wavy to kinky. And if there was ever a day to stockpile the shampoo, conditioner, and stylers you need to maintain your curly mane, it would be today. DevaCurl has extended their Cyber Monday sale, which means […]