19 Jun 19
coming home - Sheffield Theravada Buddhism

We will next meet on Sunday 14th July, 10-12as usual. The verse from the Forest Sangha Calendar for July is: A renunciate who abides in loving-kindness, with a heart full of devotion for the Buddha’s teaching, will find peace, stillness and bliss. (Dhammapada 368)

17 Jun 19

Merged ten posts on April 16, 2019 ONE Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) was a top company selling $10,000+ work stations. Its customers include the movie companies doing computer animation. With the advent of less expensive but powerful PCs — especially those with specialized graphics chips and processors — Silicon Graphics lost its market share and […]

17 Jun 19
west wight sangha

Gradually, gradually,  a moment at a time,  the wise remove their own impurities  as a goldsmith removes the dross.  Dhammapada v.239 This contemplation follows nicely after last month’s. Again it suggests a slowing down and, potentially, an appreciation of a more gentle approach to life. When we are in a rush, our reading of the […]

16 Jun 19

The question of forgiveness arises when there is wrong doing – actual or perceived and it is closely related to our sense of justice or fair play. When we feel we have been unfairly wronged by someone, we may seek revenge, nurse the wound to seek revenge later in an opportune moment, or forgive and […]

14 Jun 19

Updated on June 14, 2019 Sayadaw U Lokanatha – Italian Buddhist Monk (1897-1966) Grapevine says that a Chemical Analyst in the US received a book from his supervisor as a Christmas present. The book had a chapter on Dhammapada. After reading the verses, a deep impulse (which resonated with his scientific inquiring mind) led him […]

14 Jun 19

Updated on June 14, 2019 Narada Thera The Dhammapada Subtitle: Pali text & translation with stories & notes Author : Narada Thera Editions: 1st edition (1963), 4th Edition (1993) Contents The Pali alphabet Preface Chapters 1. The Twin Verses 2. Heedfulness 3. Mind 4. Flowers 5. Fools 6. The Wise 7. The Worthy 8. Thousands […]

13 Jun 19
Liberation Now

*DEATH AWARENESS* By Larry Rosenberg On each branch of the trees in my garden Hang clusters of fruit, swelling and ripe. In the end, not one piece will remain. My mind turns to thoughts of my death. -Seventh Dalai Lama Many meditations focus on something associated with beauty or joy or peace. Perhaps some of […]

12 Jun 19
Eddie Two Hawks

There is no fire like greed, No crime like hatred, No sorrow like separation, No sickness like hunger of heart, And no joy like the joy of freedom. Health, contentment and trust Are your greatest possessions, And freedom your greatest joy. Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment, Know the sweet joy of […]

12 Jun 19
lourdes learns

Beset by craving, people run about like an entrapped hare. Held fast by mental fetters, they come to suffering again and again for a long time. Beset by craving, people run about like an entrapped hare. Therefore, one who yearns to be passion-free should destroy his own craving. – Dhammapada Verses 342-343 It’s interesting how […]

11 Jun 19
Millenia General Trading

Namo Buddhaya, Arya Taray Center mengajak Anda untuk ikutan #Planting GoodSeeds bareng-bareng lewat Program Dana Paramita Rupang Tara/Sakyamuni. Saat ini ada 216 rupang Tara dan Sakyamuni yang dipersembahkan di ruang bhaktisala Arya Taray Center Jakarta. Rupang merupakan perwujudan citra dari Buddha dan Bodhisattva. Keberadaan rupang akan membantu kita untuk selalu mengingat kualitas para Buddha dan […]

10 Jun 19
Ebook Mania

Il Dhammapada, detto anche percorso del Dharma, è un testo del Canone buddhista che si trova anche in quello cinese e tibetano. E’ formato da 423 versetti raccolti in 26 capitoli. Si dice che sia stato realmente pronunciato da Gautama Buddha. Il Dhammapada – ossia “La Giusta Via”, non può essere considerato un libro solo religioso. La parola “dio”, non è mai presente, tuttavia non si tratta nemmeno di un testo “filosofico” o agnostico. Possiamo catalogarlo piuttosto come un saggio di cura e guarigione, per il suo messaggio finalizzato alla redenzione e all’armonia del corpo e dell’anima degli esseri viventi proprio nel loro viaggio terreno, durante la loro vita che così si carica di valore e unicità. La “Giusta Via” non esplora e non tenta di spiegare dogmi, piuttosto suggerisce uno stile di vita. Le parole che Siddharta usa, sono leggere, rispettose, sincere, benevole, equilibrate, perfettamente consone alle leggi del taoismo che dicono: “Se parli del tao, non è il vero tao”; nella nostra cultura possono essere lette in questo modo: “Se parli di dio, non è il vero dio”. Dhammapada – La via del Buddha è disponibile anche in versione audioBook.

09 Jun 19
Standard Lifestyle academy

When reading about the adventures and feats of famous historical figures throughout the ages, it can easily feel as if we’re reading a book of fiction, even though those experiences occurred. on a day in time no different than today. To the people who lived those experiences, they weren’t fiction at all, they were their […]

09 Jun 19

Trail blazers In April of 1979, Mahasi Sayadawgi made a Dhamma Duta mission to the US. At the request of the devotees, Sayadawgyi agreed to leave behind Sayadaw U Silanandabhivamsa and Sayadaw U Kelasa as “trail blazers” for the promulgation, preservation, and the promotion of Sasana. There were no Burmese Buddhist monasteries and/or temples, but […]