Diane Gilman

10 Dec 18
Chicago Review of Books

In this month’s Poetry Today: Steven Sanchez, Amy Sayre Baptista, and Shara Lessley.

20 Nov 18

  Recently a friend of mine suggested I try DG2 jeans.  She promised me that once I do, I will be addicted to how they look on as well as how great they feel when wearing them. I was certainly a skeptic but decided to give them a try.  I may look small but since […]

09 Nov 18
the brunettes eye view

During this time of year – when the weather gets a little bit worse, but the fireplace and warm clothes get a little bit better – it should be your mission to make your acquaintance with a morning or evening filled with cultivated eccentricities or strange personalities purposely created for you, the reader.

08 Nov 18
Mrs. L's Content Area Literacy Website

Below, is a list of book suggestions for your first grader. With each additional asterisk, the reading difficultly increases. The asterisks correspond with Scholastic’s reading levels. * = Level A, ** = Level B, *** = Level C, **** = Level D, ***** = Level E, ****** = Level F, ******* = Level G, ******** […]

20 Oct 18
The TRUTH Be Told

DONATIONS TO THE CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE There is 134 pages of donations so I am going to try to highlight the one’s we know are bribes or corrupt donations. Keep in mind that many of these are subsidiaries of companies or groups that have already donated the maximum so they are shell companies. You will […]

10 Oct 18
The Denver Post
The Denver Post sent questionnaires to candidates in the following races — click the link to go to a race. Names are in the order they will appear on the ballot. Answers have been lightly edited for spelling and grammar. Wondering who’s on your ballot? Use our ballot lookup tool, which will link to Q&As for your candidates. U.S. House of Representatives Statewide races: Colorado Governor • Secretary of State • Treasurer • Attorney General Colorado State Board of Education University of Colorado Regent Colorado State Senate Colorado State House RTD Director County Commissioner: Adams County • Arapahoe County • Douglas County • Jefferson County U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House District 1 Charles Casper Stockham • Diana DeGette • Raymon Anthony Doane • Miguel Lopez U.S. House District 2Joe Neguse • Peter Yu • Roger Barris • Nick Thomas • Kevin Alumbaugh U.S. House District 3Scott R. Tipton • Diane Mitsch Bush • Gaylon Kent • Mary M. Malarsie • Richard Tetu • Bruce Lohmiller • Gary Swing U.S. House District 4Karen McCormick • Ken Buck • Richard Lyons Weil • John B. Vigil U.S. House District 5Stephany Rose Spaulding • Doug Lamborn • Douglas Randall • Lori Furstenberg • John Croom U.S. House District 6Mike Coffman • Jason Crow • Kat Martin • Dan Chapin • Christopher Allen U.S. House District 7Ed Perlmutter • Mark Barrington • Jennifer Nackerud • Steve Zorn • Michael Haughey Statewide races Colorado governorJared Polis • Walker Stapleton • Bill Hammons • Scott Helker Colorado secretary of stateWayne Williams • Jena Griswold • Amanda Campbell • Blake Huber Colorado treasurerBrian Watson • Dave Young • Gerald F. Kilpatrick Colorado attorney generalPhil Weiser • George Brauchler • William F. Robinson III Colorado State Board of Education District 2 Johnny Barrett • Angelika Schroeder District 4 Tim Krug • Debora L. Scheffel University of Colorado regent At Large Lesley Smith • Ken Montera • Christopher E. Otwell • James K. Treibert District 3 Alvin Rivera • Glen H. Gallegos • Michael Stapleton District 5 Tony Wolusky • Chance Hill Colorado State Senate Colorado Senate District 1 Jerry Sonnenberg • Debra Gustafson Colorado Senate District 2 Beth “Hart” Harz • Dennis Hisey Colorado Senate District 3 Leroy M. Garcia • John Pickerill Denver Post Voter Guide Read all of The Denver Post’s election coverage — including stories, endorsements and candidate Q&As — in our 2018 Voter Guide. Colorado Senate District 5 Kerry Donovan • Olen Lund Colorado Senate District 6 Guinn Unger Jr. • Don Coram Colorado Senate District 7 Chris Kennedy • Ray Scott Colorado Senate District 9 Gil Armendariz • Paul Lundeen Colorado Senate District 11 Pete Lee • Pat McIntire Colorado Senate District 13 John Cooke • Phil Kelley • Eric E. Joss Colorado Senate District 15 Rebecca Cranston • Rob Woodward Colorado Senate District 16 Tammy Story • Tim Neville • James Gilman Colorado Senate District 20 Christine Jensen • Jessie Danielson • Charles Messick Colorado Senate District 22 Brittany Pettersen • Tony Sanchez Colorado Senate District 24 Beth Martinez Humenik • Faith Winter • Donald Osborn • Adam Matkowsky Colorado Senate District 30 Julia Varnell-Sarjeant • Chris Holbert • Steve Peterson Colorado Senate District 32 Robert Rodriguez • Mark Calonder • Peter Lucas Smith Colorado Senate District 34 Julie Gonzales • Gordon Alley Colorado State House Colorado House District 1 Susan Lontine • Alysia Padilla • Darrell Dinges Colorado House District 2 Alec Garnett Colorado House District 3 Toren Mushovic • Jeff Bridges Colorado House District 4 Robert “Dave” John • Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez Colorado House District 5 Alex Valdez • Katherine E. Whitney • Rory Lamberton Colorado House District 6 Chris Hansen Colorado House District 7 Jay Frank Kucera • James Rashad Coleman Colorado House District 8 Leslie Herod Colorado House District 9 Emily Sirota • Bob Lane Colorado House District 10 Murl S. Hendrickson IV • Edie Hooton Colorado House District 11 Jonathan Singer • Brian O Donahue Colorado House District 12 Sonya Jaquez Lewis • Theresa Stets Colorado House District 13 Kevin Sipple • K.C. Becker Colorado House District 14 Shane Sandridge • Paul J. Haddick Colorado House District 15 Brenda Krause • Dave Williams Colorado House District 16 Andrew Smith • Larry G. Liston • John Hjersman Colorado House District 17 Kit Roupe • Thomas “Tony” Exum Sr. Colorado House District 18 Mary Elizabeth Fabian • Marc A. Snyder • Maile Foster Colorado House District 19 Tim Geitner • Asia M. Zanders Colorado House District 20 Terri Carver • Kent Edward Jarnig Colorado House District 21 Lois Landgraf • Liz Rosenbaum Colorado House District 22 Todd Kastetter • Colin Larson Colorado House District 23 Chris Kennedy • Joan Poston Colorado House District 24 Arthur Erwin • Monica Duran Colorado House District 25 Steve Szutenbach • Lisa A. Cutter Colorado House District 26 Nicki Mills • Dylan Roberts • Luke Bray Colorado House District 27 Brianna Titone • Vicki Pyne Colorado House District 28 Kristina Joy Alley • Kerry Tipper • Ross Klopf Colorado House District 29 Grady Nouis • Tracy Kraft-Tharp • Hans V. Romer Colorado House District 30 Dafna Michaelson Jenet • Susan Kochevar Colorado House District 31 Rico Figueroa • Yadira Caraveo • Bree Owens Colorado House District 32 Kim Bishop (withdrew) • Adrienne Benavidez Colorado House District 33 Eric Rutherford • Matt Gray • Kim Tavendale • Jay Geyer Colorado House District 34 Alexander “Skinny” Winkler • Kyle Mullica Colorado House District 35 Shannon Bird • Bruce Baker • Ken Biles Colorado House District 36 Richard J. Bowman • Mike Weissman Colorado House District 37 Tom Sullivan • Cole Wist Colorado House District 38 Chris Kolker • Susan Beckman Colorado House District 39 Mark Baisley • Kamala Vanderkolk • Tony Gross Colorado House District 40 Janet Buckner • Richard Allen Bassett Colorado House District 41 Dahlia Jean Weinstein (withdrew) • Jovan Melton Colorado House District 42 Mike Donald • Dominique Jackson Colorado House District 43 Kevin Van Winkle • Barrett Rothe • Scott Wagner Colorado House District 44 Kim Ransom • Simone Aiken Colorado House District 45 Danielle Kombo • Patrick Neville Colorado House District 46 Daneya Esgar • Jonathan Ambler Colorado House District 47 Bri Buentello • Don Bendell Colorado House District 48 Stephen Alan Humphrey • Gbenga Ajiboye Colorado House District 49 Perry L. Buck • Conor Duffy Colorado House District 50 Rochelle Galindo • Michael A. Thuener Colorado House District 51 Joan Shaffer • Hugh McKean Colorado House District 52 Donna Walter • Joann Ginal Colorado House District 53 Jeni Arndt Colorado House District 54 Matt Soper • Thea Chase Colorado House District 55 Tanya Travis • Janice Rich Colorado House District 56 Rod Bockenfeld • Dave Rose • Kevin Gulbranson Colorado House District 57 Bob Rankin • Colin Wilhelm Colorado House District 58 Marc Catlin • Seth Cagin Colorado House District 59 Barbara McLachlan • Paul Jones Colorado House District 60 Erin Kelley • James D. “Jim” Wilson • Glenn Ingalls Colorado House District 61 Julie McCluskie • Mike Mason Colorado House District 62 Donald E. Valdez • Scott Honeycutt Colorado House District 63 Lori A. Saine • Brandon D. Bobian • Joe Johnson Colorado House District 64 Kimmi Lewis • Teri Nilson Baird Colorado House District 65 Rod Pelton • Bethleen McCall RTD director District B Chris Martinez • Shontel Marie Lewis • JoyAnn Keener Ruscha District C Angie Rivera-Malpiede • Bonnie Ernest Archuleta • Julia Stewart • Eliot Tipton District J Vince Buzek District K Troy L. Whitmore • Paul D. Solano • Gerald Stephen Jaramillo District L Phil Munsterman • Bob Wilson • Shelley Cook District N Brad K. Evans • Margaret (Peggy) A. Catlin • Jennifer Hope District O Lynn Guissinger County commissioner Adams County District 3: Larry Hoy • Emma Pinter; District 4: Steve O’Dorisio • Joyce Thomas Arapahoe County District 2: Don Strickland • Nancy N. Sharpe; District 4: Nancy Jackson • Winfred Watt Deal Douglas County District 1: Abe Laydon • Mary Lynch Jefferson County Lesley Dahlkemper • Tina Francone
10 Oct 18
NYC Moda Boutique

 DG2 by Diane Gilman Virtual Stretch Embroidered Skinny Jeans Off White There’s always a time and a place to wear jeans. They’re the great wardrobe chameleon. From weekends to weekdays and sun-up to sun-down, these stretch denim skinniest are a fashion staple you simply have to have. With an easy, pull-on silhouette and curve-hugging […]

21 Sep 18
Versatile Style by Tracey

  I was playing around on Pinterest and came across these two looks  as trends for Fall 2018.  I had recently purchased a floral print maxi dress to style for the season  ran to my closet to play around with it and find ways to style it.  I have to say the buffalo plaid with […]