19 Jun 19

The Skinny On June 18th, 2019, an Avid employee and moderator of the Avid Pro Tools Users group on Facebook announced a heads up of pricing changes to the Pro Tools product lineup. It later was also shared on Avid’s DUC board. This move has angered many people, driven others to rage, and others left […]

26 May 19
Matt Warren Music Is My Life

MusicTech.net 6th May 2019 Sound Solution Recording Interviewee Matt Warren Contact djmattw@hotmail.com | soundsolutionrecording.net Matt Warren’s Illinois studio is his “perfect” production environment Key kit: Digidesign/Focusrite Control|24 desk dbx 386 tube-mic preamp Avid Pro Tools Farfisa organ Let’s talk about your studio, Matt! My studio, Sound Solution Recording, is located on the outskirts of Chicago, […]

15 May 19
AÉNL Media

[ad_1] Most new music nowadays is recorded on a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), the heart of which is a laptop and recording software package. A few of the important gamers in recording program now are Cubase by Steinberg Media Engineering, Protools by Digidesign, Logic by Apple, and Sonar by Cakewalk. There are fundamentally three issues […]

14 May 19
Kirsten Davis

Recording information Recording Date: April 24th, 2019 and 2ndMay 2019 Location: Studio 1, University of Gloucestershire Type of Recording: Live Studio Recording Music:54, Written by Funky Business Performers: Sophie Livingston (Drums), Jeremy Burne (Rhythm Guitar), James Nash (lead Guitar) and Brad Richards (Keys) Recording Engineer: Kirsten Davis and Jeremy Burne Mixing Engineer: Kirsten Davis DAW: […]

14 May 19
J Frans Music

Recording Information Sessions: 23/04/19, 24/04/19, 02/05/19, 10/05/19 Recorded at: Studio One, University Of Gloucestershire Recording type: Studio Multitrack Recording Music: ’54’ by Funky Business (Original) Personnel: Kirsten Davis – Vocals, backing vocals, bass, recording engineer James Nash – Lead guitar Jeremy Burne – Rhythm guitar, recording engineer, mixing engineer Brad Richards – Keyboards Sophie Livingstone – Drums Digital Audio […]

05 May 19
Matt Warren Music Is My Life

By MusicTech.net 8th April 2019 Sound Solution Recording Studio owner: Matt Warren Contact: djmattw@hotmail.com | soundsolutionrecording.net Key kit: Vintage Trident console Adam S3X-H monitors Pro Tools HD Neve Master Buss processor Tell us more about the studio… My studio, Sound Solution Recording, is located on the outskirts of Chicago, in Plainfield, Illinois. It’s part of my home and I […]

26 Apr 19

Player IL. Clash of Clans. Apple iOS 12. View all iOS apps. Best Apps Popular iOS Categories. Combat Command 2: Desert Rats demo. Fight the battles that made the Afrika Korps famous. Combat Command 2: Desert Rats Demo ; Nome del file: cc2desertratsdemo.exe Data Pubblicazione: 11 ottobre 2001 Dimensione: 6,65 MB. Gioco strategico militare molto […]

25 Apr 19
Flowers For Socrates

April 25th is DNA Day * Hug a Plumber Day Red Hat Society Day * World Malaria Day Zucchini Bread Day _________________________________________ MORE! Kojo Houénou, Corín Tellado and Robert Noyce, click

20 Apr 19
A Sound Engineer's Weblog

There is a way to build your own versatile home recording studio with Pro Tools for very little money, and all it takes is some perspective.

17 Apr 19
Sasha Sclater

Hello again readers! Trimester has really been thrust into hyperdrive now- so much to do and so little time to get it all done! What I am thankful for is being able to work on my projects from home, using my own equipment and software. Having access to Pro Tools and Ableton has been a […]

14 Mar 19
Honest Amp Sim Reviews

You have a fair bit of experience with amp sims, which was the first one you ever tried? The first one I every really dug into was the Eleven Rack back when Digidesign still made Pro Tools. Over the course, what are some of the top amp sim products you have used and some of […]

12 Mar 19
Odyssey Cinema

A trade name of Digidesign for a hard disk digital audio recording system Key The control of a dynamics processing device by an external audio signal. Odyssey Cinema Projectors: Gain Structure The way in which the gain varies in the stages or sections of an audio system. Fletcher Munson Effect A hearing limitation shown by […]

01 Mar 19
Blog de Carla y Adrián.

¿Qué son los plugins? Un plugin es una aplicación que añade una función adicional o una nueva característica. En nuestro idioma podría decirse que es como un complemento. Tipos de plugins AU (Audio Units): Formato estándar de la arquitectura de plugin proporcionada por el protocolo de comunicación Core Audio. Se utilizan para generar, procesar, recibir o manipular […]

24 Feb 19

Research into making the system more portable than the ‘negotiations’ installation, started with using an interface to split the 8 channels, rather than using the studio stage box to do this. A Digidesign ‘Digi002’ was initially used as it was at hand and had an 8 channels i/o on the controller. Four speakers were place […]

22 Feb 19
BNW Acoustics

Used to describe a sound with too many highs and mids and not enough lows. Tempo The rate at which the music moves measured in Beats Per Minute (how many steady even pulses there are in the music per minute). Subcode Control information bits that are recorded along with digital audio and can be used […]

21 Feb 19
Garden Sound Studio

Preamps 16x Neotek Series 1E8x SSL Remote Pre’s 8x Digidesign Pre1x GML 2032 Compressors 1x DBX 160SL2x Chrisman Opto2x DBX 160x1x Behringer Composer1x Furman LC3A Assorted 1x Roland SDE3001x Elektron Analog Heat*1x Proco R2DU Rat Guitar Pedals