16 Feb 19
Musings on my Model Railroading Addiction

If you read this blog, odds are you have some interest in prototype modelling, and may have heard of something called the ProtoThrottle. Its a new system neutral DCC handheld controller from Iowa Scaled Engineering – http://www.protothrottle.com/ It will work via an adapter in some cases with Digitrax, NCE, ESU, Lenz, JMRI and and MRC […]

07 Feb 19


04 Feb 19
North Country Trains

I recently visited George Bissell’s spectacular Model railroads. One is O scale(Not Lionel) and one HO. George Bissell’s Adirondack Railroad is a freelanced layout based on the D&H and Santa Fe. I was very impressed with the flawless trackwork and wiring. Layout Owner and Builder: George Bissell Scale: HO(87:1) Size: 11×32 ft plus 4×18 staging Prototype: […]

21 Jan 19
SJP Models

Its been a while since I updated this blog, unfortunately life and work has got in the way, but I now have time to update you on Norwood Road’s latest exhibition adventure, the Chiltern Model Railway Association (CMRA) Exhibition at Stevenage As always seems the way with exhibitions for Norwood Road, the couple of weeks […]

09 Jan 19
Castle Rock & Pacific Railroad

Happy New Year to all.  2019 is the year that we expect to begin operations on the new C.R.A.P.  Slowly at first then picking up speed (steam?) as we get more and more industrial areas completed. Logistics: Before actual operations begin, we need to have a shakedown session with a few seasoned operators to identify […]

26 Dec 18
Wildcat Valley Railway Co.

To recap – I plan to stick with Digitrax systems for controlling trains because the WVR has a significant investment in that technology. I’ve also decided on using local panels, DCC throttle, and a computer with JMRI software to operate turnouts. We will be able to run and route our trains, but Id also like […]

24 Dec 18
Wildcat Valley Railway Co.

There are many aspects to building a model railroad and one that I find particularly interesting is electronics, although that doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing. I have some time over the holiday to spitball the systems needed and some general ideas on how I could implement them. Job #1 Running the Locomotives The […]

12 Dec 18
Steve's 009 and 09 Adventure

This little Ruston came to me via Noel Davies (Thanks Noel!). It’s an old KB Scale kit of a Ruston LBT. It’s a nice loco, yet when I buy a secondhand loco I always want to change a few things. Firstly, to run on Thomas and Sons it needed to be converted to DCC. I didn’t […]

16 Sep 18
Pennvale Sands Blog

Since my mother-in-law (MIL) came to stay, I have been restricted to a small layout which sits on the corner of my computer desk and across onto my wife’s dressing table. This has made it very restrictive to use and we have finally decided that it all has to go! Initially, everything was moved down […]

01 Sep 18
Castle Rock & Pacific Railroad

Kathy continued installing the remaining signals on the lower level with the exception of the Galveston wharf area to the helix where the mainline is yet to be installed.  She also installed Tortoise turnout motors on the Galveston side of the lower level with the exception of the staging yard (we are waiting on delivery […]

06 Aug 18
Big Stacks Little Locomotives

This is going to be an essay.  I have no pictures yet.  I suppose I could throw in gratuitous photos of my F and G scale ten wheelers that run on batteries, but it would just be for something to look at. So mentioning my ten wheelers… I may have mentioned in past posts that […]

07 Jul 18

THE TUESDAY NIGHT MAIL TRAIN For the operating session on the Kanunda and Emu Flat Railway July 3 2018 This was the first session since April. Thank you to those who came along. WORK AND NEW STUFF I added ground cover using static grass to the Adelaide Model Railroaders’ module. This is how it looked […]

12 Jun 18
papa carney

Well Friday June 8th finally came and the big event.  Our layout was on the Friday tour  June 8th, 2018 from 8am to 1pm for the Natonal Garden Railroad Convention for 2018 in Atlanta.  We have been working hard for this event ever since we started our layout, 3 1/2 years ago.  The plan was […]

07 Jun 18
Pennvale Sands Blog

I have spent the last 40 years using and programming computers from the very early days of Z80/S100 boxes up to my 27″ iMac/iPad/iPhone of today. I recently completed an Open University honours degree in computers which started in 1974 using Teletype terminals and punched tape through to finishing last year with programming mobile phones […]