19 Feb 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

This is an Ibanez RGIT27FE 7-string electric guitar. It was made in Indonesia in 2015, and the serial is I1501XXXXX. This guitar is in great condition overall. There’s some VERY minor chipping on the finish around some edges, but it’s not easy to see unless you’re looking for it. The frets look fine and still […]

17 Feb 19
No Treble

The Charvel Custom Shop is celebrating 40 years in business by recreating eleven of their custom shop models from the original 1979 catalog offering. The 40th Anniversary Custom Collection includes the San Dimas in Blue Diamond and an XP in Platinum Pink.

17 Feb 19
andal02 ico review

Today’s technology has developed very rapidly, and with that they are developing and business. Recently, to create a successful business, simply hire specialists who are qualified to create your own website. But today, in a world where digital assets and Blockchain technology are used, this is not enough. Therefore, any owner of a company or […]

16 Feb 19
True Criminal Justice

https://nypost.com/2019/02/15/brookl…-of-sex-abuse/ Brooklyn Diocese names more than 100 clergy accused of sex abuse By Rebecca Rosenberg February 15, 2019 | 5:19pm The Brooklyn Diocese on Friday published the names of more than 100 clergy “credibly accused” of sexually abusing minors. The list’s release comes two days after the Diocese of New Jersey published a similar list. […]

16 Feb 19

The Diocese of Brooklyn released the names of diocesan clergy members credibly accused of sexual abuse against a minor on Friday afternoon, Feb. 15.

16 Feb 19
Archy news nety

The Diocese of Brooklyn (New York) yesterday released the data of 108 clergy accused of child abuse in 166-year history, a list that contributes to the recent publications of other Catholic demarcations in the neighboring state of New Jersey "We know that this list will generate a lot of emotions for the victims who have […]

15 Feb 19
CBS New York

The list of 108 priests spans the diocese’s 166-year history, and includes information about any action taken against the accused.

15 Feb 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

A beautiful top-of-the-line Ibanez for an amazing price. This model is made from some incredible and exotic woods, such as a basswood body, Australian blackwood top, roseswood fingerboard, and a sleek, maple/walnut neck. This model is armed with a Dimarzio Air Norton and Tone Zone, and loaded with luxury features, including Gotoh locking tuning keys, […]

11 Feb 19

by Marisa Torrieri Bloom From St. Vincent’s Ernie Ball Music Man guitar to Orianthi’s PRS, signature guitars by and for women are no longer an anomaly for the occasional, rogue female guitarist who shreds like she belongs in a headlining band.  As a sequel to our first guide on female-inspired and designed guitars, we offer […]

09 Feb 19

Ibanez RG3770DX-CA Electric Guitars 6 strings Dimarzio Pick Up Made MIJ w/HC – Buy – Ibanez RG3770DX-CA Electric Guitars 6 strings Dimarzio Pick Up Made MIJ w/HC

06 Feb 19

Jake Bowen is one of the new generation of guitarists on the cutting edge of progressive rock. His sound is helping to redefine rock guitar, and his pickups play a major part. The Titan™ Neck and Bridge Model pickups were developed for his new signature guitar by Ibanez.

Jake’s bridge pickup is crucial to his sound, and the most important feature is that it needed to be tight. It also needed to have good dynamics for right-hand playing yet still keep the aggressiveness and mid-range that Periphery’s music calls for. The Titan™ Bridge Model is at home with both standard and dropped tunings. Additionally, Jake shares that “it’s a very tight, aggressive palm-muted sound when I do palm-muting strokes but — when I play open chords — everything rings out very nicely”.