23 Jun 19

We have been informed of the death this weekend of Jack Renner, winner of 11 Grammys for his classical recordings. Co-founder of the Telarc label, he engineered America first digital recording in 1978, featuring Lorin Maazel and the Cleveland Orchestra. It was also the world’s first digital recording of a symphony orchestra. …’It was in […]

03 Mar 19

Sony Ask a record-collecting audiophile why vinyl is back and you may hear a common refrain: “Of course vinyl’s back! It’s a more accurate reproduction of the original! It just sounds better than digital!” To this I reply, “Does it really, though? Or is it just EQ’d better? And since when did we start caring […]

07 Dec 18

Vinyl record cleaning solutions are one of the most highly-debated topics amongst vinyl record collectors. The importance of maintaining clean records is undeniable. The benefits are numerous: extending vinyl life, improving playback, preventing needle wear. You can even increase the value of some records with a good clean. However, there is no clear consensus on […]

18 Jul 18
Music & Hi-fi Appreciations

I know about the once popular Discwasher wet record cleaning product, but only today became aware that the US company also issued jazz albums that were pressed in Japan. For the reason, see my post “What went wrong with American vinyl”. So far, I haven’t found much information about their releases. Audiophile USA have a […]

10 Apr 18
45 And Single

COVER CONDITION: VG + LP, very close to near mint but does have a sticker that has been partially removed on front cover, and a tiny corner ding. There are no seam splits cut out marks or other issues. See pictures for a close-up view. VINYL CONDITION: LP is near mint, pristine. Previous owner has […]